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    Too many requests

    There are a couple of rate limit rules on our web servers in effect to protect websites against WordPress attacks. To be more specific, requests matching the two URL paths below are rate-limited to a maximum number of requests per visitor\client IP address in a period of time: /*wp-login.php...
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    "Prove You're Human" Captcha

    Hello, can you please try accessing your website now? We've made some changes that should resolve the problem. The message you've seen there is from security software we're running on the server rather than WordPress or your individual account. Please let me know how it goes.
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    SAL Error

    Hi, this problem should be resolved now. Can you check your site and confirm?
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    Why ?

    If anyone sees a problem like this with static files not loading properly, it would be extremely helpful if you can try to grab some information from your browser's "developer tools" console from your computer. For example, a screen shot or copy/paste of the console showing any errors...
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    Help My Account Got Suspended

    Our logs show that you have had 10 web hosting accounts with us in the past, and multiple were suspended due to malicious flooder/booter PHP scripts having been uploaded. I'm seeing that multiple cPanel password brute force-related scripts were uploaded onto your account in January.
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    Getting message that I'm connecting through VPN, when I'm not

    It looks like the Internet connection you're using to sign-in is 'known' as a web proxy for some reason. I've made a change to your account that should let you through now. Please try again.
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    Banned without reason.

    I'm seeing that you have been able to successfully sign-in since April 21st. It appears that a prohibited PHP web shell was uploaded on April 20th via FTP to a second account of yours, which is this one: Was it you that uploaded the PHP web shell? You should now be able to sign-in.
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    Getting message that I'm connecting through VPN, when I'm not

    Can you let me know your username, domain, or email address? You can send these in a private message if you want to keep the information private.
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    "Account closed due to abuse"

    You should both be able to sign in now.
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    Bug report: Remove https from forum url and get error

    Thank you for taking the time to let us know about this redirection problem. We'll get it fixed!
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    Banned without reason.

    Please try now. We've made some additional changes this afternoon that should resolve this for most others. If you are still receiving the message please sent me a private message with your username, domain, or email address so that I can look into it further. I haven't been able to locate...
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    Your web hosting was closed due to abuse. What is it?

    You should be able to sign into your account now, vysitx10.
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    Banned without reason.

    Please try to sign in again and if the message persists, let us know. We've just released an update that reduced the aggressiveness of the detection system.
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    Please... Can anyone help

    Can you please elaborate on the issue you're having with cPanel? The problem addressed in this thread is unrelated from cPanel, but I'm not familiar with the problem you're seeing. Yes, the fix now in place resolves the 404 errors and missing styles affecting some published sitebuilder...
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    xmlrpc - The resource has reached its request limit, please wait and try again.

    Do you know how many requests are being made to the xmlrpc.php file by that validation service and over what period of time? This morning I had increased the limit for requests to the file, in effort to prevent the rate limit from being exceeded, but it seems we'll need to go even higher.