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    HTTP 503

    HTTP 503 Backend fetch failed all I get is this message whenever I go to the site and I've pretty much deleted everything and started from scratch and also submitted some tickets that were never seen or checked so I figured I would post here. not sure if its something I need to fix or if its...
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    x10hosting Pumpkin Decorating Competition!

    thanks novogami i thought your work was really great too you added some really nice scenary to your designs great work :)
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    Whats your psn name

    Just a random toping for all you ps3 lovers out there. state your game and psn name for those to add as friends the network to play together. could be a cool starting thing. didnt really find much on it. Here are some of the games i play: i play rainbow six vegas 1 brothers in arms blazing...
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    doex x10webhosting have a banner

    i agree im sure they would like that as it could bring in more people and potential registrations for full out domain registrations with hosting. who knows maybe such things could be around like a affiliated program or something
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    I need your help!

    i like both pictures both well taken. but i definitely say the first one. even tho you have already chosen. but great photos by the way.
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    Is there a way to blacklist MAC addresses?

    8-) or get them on teamviewer snag ther comp and look at ther mac hahahhaha
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    Apple iPhone 4S

    ironic how this statement is said. the iphone 4S was never going to be called iphone 5.. there was a rumor saying they were gonna down the name to 4S for Steve Jobs that died. standing for (4 Steve) this i beleive which from the group i know in the apple world all laugh at. apparaltly the...
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    x10hosting Pumpkin Decorating Competition!

    Thanks this one was fun and took just a little over an hour, to do the cat took a fair bit longer but the x10 logo took about 15 minutes only had nail clippers with the file/hook and my keys, which seemed to work a lot better then the 5 dollar kit you buy lol.
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    Solve Media

    ive actually noticed with this type of verification i have had to refresh the page a good 10 times before it got off the advertisement just to see the words to type. may be my ancient computer but it can be a hassle from time to time when i gotta try with 3 different browsers but in other...
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    Help with PhpMyAdmin

    no doubt google is the ultimate tool if you access cpanel you have access to making a database with a user account to access your database and also access to phpmyadmin.
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    how do you add mp3s?

    a great alternative to adding embedded music is from a company called they have a lot of lisenced music where you can add embedded play lists. to those that are unfamiliar with it its basicly a service were you can listen and add playlists and add music to your favorites...
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    help in domin

    sounds like a blank site. try adding an index.html to it with some editing into your htdocs or www folder that shows. i noticed this when i couldnt access my site. so i added a index.html with some words and it worked instantly. i think its a security measure... give it a try
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    Any x10 Fable 3 Players?

    i have seen and tinkered with F3 on pc if im refereing to the right game seems like a fun game. how is it on the 360? never was a 360 fan but i have to admit the ps3 to the 360 group, the 360 has had a lot of fantastic games come out lately. i may change my mind :P
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    x10hosting Pumpkin Decorating Competition!

    thanks buddy i appreciate it, great work on your stuff, love the scenary behind your designs
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    x10hosting Pumpkin Decorating Competition!

    heres my last set, i seen something say anything related to x10 so heres some additional