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    HAs the PHP functinality suspended in Free Web hosting?

    Yea I feel ur pain at first my issue seemed to be security but then on the forums I found out the fact that the server was being updated was the true culprit. Now they must be doing some serious updates because now the basic form on my php contact form isn't even being allowed to show up on the...
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    Help with php mail

    Yea I've been having the same issues with my site but according the updates this will be resolved within another week hopefully:lockd:
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    Flash menu and banner help pls.

    foolish me wrong thread I was looking at this one but I wanted to reply to another:nuts: Anyway... Ok so the menu and banners are in separate tables or divs in an html document or is this site entirely done with aleo flash maker, I'm familiar with Adobe Flash but not aleo maybe you need to set...
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    Check Out My New Site!

    I found your site to be excellent oh and to solve your problem with your gallery not displaying the third pic it could be an issue with the xml file not finding the picuture (doesn't exist or wrong reference to the file). Anyway check out my site @: The home and about...
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    PHP Mail() security issues

    Yea its a shame I will probably come back to this web host when its fixed I really like the cPanel layout it reminds me of my old host; hostmonster. Until then I'm off to find a temporary free service.
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    PHP Mail() security issues

    I know they are updating the servers and PHP is diabled but the when they are fixed please let me know but I keep getting this error: Warning: mail() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/cmg777/public_html/c*******.php on line 105 There seemed to be a problem And the whole reason I...