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    Design Studio Version2

    You should use CSS, the table formatting doesn't work properly for me.
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    Blue Shine Hosting Template [BASIC]

    It doesn't align properly for me, all of the borders aren't in the correct places.
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    Which Title Looks the Best

    The first one.
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    how about image hyperlink using css

    body { background: #000; color:#fff; } ul, li { /* list use for the menu */ list-style-type: none; /* suppression of list markers */ margin:0; padding:0; } ul { position: absolute; /* positionning for IE5 and IE5.5 */ top: 20%; left: 33%; background: transparent url(link to image)...
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    What I have so far for my Guild Site.

    That's far better :) Try removing the underline for the menu links as none of the other links are underlined.
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    Small gap between tables help...

    Yeah, thats what I recommend, it gets rid of the gap.
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    Review my site and forum

    The site itself is good, modern and professional, the roll-over links on titles are horrible though. Personally the forum is the exact opposite and they share no continuity, even the title font is different. Site: 8/10 Forum: 4/10
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    about VB.NET

    Use HTML, CSS and PHP; its easier to find an alternative host as most servers run Linux, and the aforementioned can also run on a Windows server.
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    Small gap between tables help...

    Could there be an issue with the image itself?
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    any one help me to make 404page for my site

    You can create one, just add the text, save it as .htaccess and then upload to your root directory.
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    What I have so far for my Guild Site.

    I would: Reduce the font size of the post title as it is over powering Make the blue bar just below the header the same length as the copyright bar Decrease the transparency of the menu, so it looks whiter, so that the menu text looks more equal, for greater continuity Also, make the new member...
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    Slicing in Photoshop Elements 6

    If you are using layers (which you should) you can duplicate the layer to new document and then crop so the document is the same size as the shape which you wish to use and then you save it. It maybe more time consuming, but it works, I've used it enough times :)
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    NewLeaf Publishing

    Heres a mock site I'm creating to get PHP experience. When done, the whole site will be for sale. Comments and Criticisms are welcome!
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    review my template

    Sorry, but you wouldn't get anything for it. For '08 in lighter colours are in. The whole vista grass thing is old and there isn't anything there. Theres no navigation, copyright text. The font is too large for the container, it looks like it uses tables, the background doesn't flow with the...
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    Coded Index Website Layouts Any site other that my Current website, the Sporenet one and the watery one are available to use under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 license. Contact me if you want use them. You can have the source code to the website...