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    Dropping in for the first time in nearly 8 years

    Hey everyone, My name's Sean and I've been a big fan/user of x10hosting for about ten years. With the exception of needing the help of the community a few times in the past few years setting up domain names, I haven't really posted since 2007. So, I'd figure I'd stop in and say "hi". I'm a...
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    Resolved Wordpress "/wp-admin/post.php" Problem

    Hey guys, I'm having a very similar issue with my Wordpress site: same /wp-admin/post.php page. I just noticed it now but I haven't checked my site in a few days. This happens any time I try to update or preview a post - what was the solution to asianzon's problem? Is this the same thing? The...
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    Change of domain name

    OK, thank you. Is that a new policy? Just curious as I used to be able to replace my x10 domain with the one I purchased, but this will work too. Thanks again for the help!
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    Change of domain name

    Hello, I'd like to please change my domain name from to It's been a while since I've been a x10 user, so I'm having a hard time figuring out if this is something I could do myself from cPanel or if I would have to put in a request... I'm pointing to...
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    Domain forwarding problem/ "This website does not exist!"

    Herp derp. Thank god, and thank you. Tried that but forgot about clearing my DNS cache, thanks a bunch!
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    Domain forwarding problem/ "This website does not exist!"

    [SOLVED] Domain forwarding problem/ "This website does not exist!" Hey guys, I'm probably doing something stupid here... I just purchased the domain and I want it to forward visitors to my existing, working, main domain of I have forwarding "on" in GoDaddy...
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    Difficulties setting up a domain as the main one for my account

    Awesome, I hadn't even thought of that. Everything seems to be working fine now, thank you for the help. --Sean
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    Difficulties setting up a domain as the main one for my account

    Hi, I own CYNICOLLISION.NET and want it to be my main domain for my account (I already did this in my hosting settings). I have indicated NS1.X10HOSTING.COM and NS2.X10HOSTING.COM as the nameservers in my provider's (GoDaddy) domain manager, and it appears that this change has gone through on...
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    Troubles logging into cPanel

    I'm having a bit of trouble logging into cPanel... before now, I haven't attempting in probably 2 months, but my account is not suspended (as I've been checking into the forums). I'm sure I've got my user name and password right but cPanel is saying "Login Attempt Failed!". I've tried on...
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    Need title for guitar software - easy points!

    Hi there. Lately I've been messing around with the Guitar Hero II controller and my computer and I've decided to make some software to use the two together as an "instrument". Basically, this software is going to let you use a Guitar Hero II (Xbox 360 only) USB controller as a MIDI controller...
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    Joey Chestnut wins Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

    As many know, Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest takes place every 4th of July at Coney Island in New York. This year, Joey Chestnut, an American, won the competition, eating 66 hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes. This is a significant win because Takeru Kobayashi, from Japan, has been the reigning...
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    Need original game title - 1,000 points

    Ok, I am in the process of making a large scale, web-based simulation game. You play the role of a record producer and your job is to control a band and help them be successful by planning tours, performing concerts, selling albums and merchandise, etc. etc... I need a name for this project...
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    Free Hosting Support Knowledge Base This topic includes all important information that you are expected to be familiar with before posting in this forum. READ THIS WHOLE THREAD BEFORE POSTING. Help us help you Whenever requesting support, please make sure you specify your cPanel user name...
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    Telemarketer Prank

    Can't describe it, just too funny:
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    Needs words for Hangman - easy points!

    OK! I have recently finished a Hangman game that I've been working on for quite a while now and now I just need some word lists to distribute with the game. That's wher YOU come in. All you need to do is think of a category, then 40-100 words to fill in that category. You are awarded 100...