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  • hello, i am not sure if i can mail you but
    i posted a thread about my account being suspended and i have searched this forum and couldnt find it
    i clicked on a link that was givin to me from the email that you sent for the activation
    and i have clicked on Unsuspension Request
    so please can anyone help me getting back my account or getting back my files as i really need them
    thanks for reading
    my account info is
    username : logd
    I posted about a suspended account earlier this week, and you fixed it but you said to make sure I log into the forums once every two weeks to avoid it happening again. Just so you know, I wasn't even a member of x10 hosting for 1 week before this even happened, so that couldn't have been the cause... Also, since then, my site has been "down" for unexplainable reasons a few times this week- is this typical of free hosting or is it typical of x10hosting? I'm not trying to be clever- I really just want to know. Thanks
    Helloz sir,
    i m having your hoisting account using from last 3 months...
    my account got suspended due to upgradation i think....
    please re-active my account...detail is as follows./..>>
    i also want to masking of the domain....
    please help...!!!

    i hope you can help me?

    i just got a suspended message for

    I tried to register on the x10 forum with my server username and pass but it wasnt there? and the user emal wasnt either,, ? i had to visit my cpanel when i signed up etc. which i have done, so im not sure how i get my site back online. or at least retreive my Db,,

    Kindest regards

    I just created an account an can see that the Apache server is down. How long before it is up again?

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