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  • hey i need my account unsuspended. i just added the ads to my html files so i will upload to site as soon as you unsuspend m. oh and sorry for multiple unsuspension request

    I would love to maybe be a mod for x10...although with school starting...
    Haha, Thanks Defect, i am adding that picture as my avatar now. It seems that it suits me quite well.
    I please ask you read the forum rules.
    "o x10Hosting staff members' decisions, when acting as a whole are, are final
    If you feel you have been acted unfairly against, you are entitled to appeal to another moderator for a second opinion"
    As a matter of fact I didn't even know your site was hosted else where and it makes no difference if it is or isn't. I have asked you to stop doing it and thats final.
    You where already banned from the forums once and now you continue to disobey staff.
    If you have a problem with mine or any other staff members decisions you are more than welcome to take it up with a more senior staff member.
    hey sorry to say this but i have the right to post what ever i wanted to in off topics!!! and i understand why you don't want me to post my site because it is not hosted by x10!!! because i used other hosting site instead of x10 is that right? to tell you guys this is not a serious issues but if you want me to say!! yes it is!!! now your planning to banned me by sending a infraction msge...frankly to say i don't give a damn!!!! i was not impress about your hosting this couple of the way even your going to banned my account soo? there are lots of best hosting better than you guys!!! i have 20 web site hosted by deferent hosting but i found out that x10 is a bit slow you know now better fix the problem guys, i appreciate all your effort here!! don't lose your reputation guys!!!sorry about my english i am not in the mood!!!
    It was one from w3schools with the simple time one, where you click on the input field and it shows up kinda thing. I got no errors but the time wouldn't show.
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