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    I was wondering if the problems with Starka's MySQL have been figured out? It goes down transiently and is really frustrating while I want to become a premium member, I see highlighted support posts that go unanswered.
    Hi Jarrid,
    I red your replies about my website admin login,
    script developpers check website and are sure that it's server issue
    this is script developper reply (Hi,the problem is not in the script. Nothing in the script was changed.
    So they must have done something to stop that.)

    As I said, webiste was working fine up to 6 days ago, and was suspended for using hight ressource and then unsuspended, since can't login admin with admin details

    need help!
    Sorry about that. I logged in to my control panel and I saw a sql issue and thought, "I caz help! I caz help!" and decided to post without looking at the complete post. I had a similar problem where it wasn't in /var/mysql/mysql.sock but for me, its in tmp. Once again, sorry about that :(
    Hey, the MySQL Problem. I can fix that.

    You need to open terminal on linux or mac, and find the php.ini configuration file. If you can't find it look for php.ini.default. If that exists, type in terminal: cd php.ini directory,
    sudo cp php.ini.defaule php.ini

    That will give you a new file.

    I prefer opening it with Vim, but use whatever text editor you wish.

    sudo vi php.ini

    Find the MySQL lines, and change the directory to: /tmp/mysql.sock

    thats where it should be located.
    Tell me if this works or not.
    There's more that one line of Mysql so make sure to edit them all
    hi man

    please i want to connect to the eris chat using an IRC client and i use those information to connect :
    Server Name : irc.x10hosting.com
    Server Port : 6667

    Are they correct ?
    And sorry for posting this problem here in your profile wall ;)
    Happy birthday HelpShip, Happy birthday HelpShip, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday HelpShip :p :D :)
    Hi HellSheep,

    You unsuspended my account yesterday, it seems to be in "getupdated.x10hosting" server, which I believe doesn't exists.

    The account still seems to be suspended even the site is now working, I need to login into Cpanel to add the new sql databases dns, but I can't since I'm on getupdated.x10hosting and I can't login in any new server either.

    Thanks for your support!
    CPanel Login Failed
    username: hrcleg
    server: boru

    Tried password change, didn't work/help
    Attempted PM'ing, didnt have authorization privilege
    cPanel login failed
    username: louiehen
    server: starka
    Tried change password in login panel with no response... 24 hours and its still in "process wait".
    Tried to pm but I dont have authorization privilege.
    Hi, my problem is same as many visitors, I cant send PM to u.
    My web is on Starka, I tried to reset the cPanel password, but it doesnt work, by the way my website is loverena.x10.mx, the server shows the page doesnt exist. Hope Monday u can solve it.

    Thanks in advance
    Hi, I've read your cPanel login failed post too, and as everyone says, I cannot send a PM to you.

    Control Panel says I'm on Fris, but after pinging the result is Boru:

    Thanks in advance!
    Hi, Please could you reset my password, I have tried to reset it but i just get an error message.
    My cpanel username is shane7

    I was on fris but after pinging it appears that i'm now on starka.

    Hi, I read your post http://x10hosting.com/forums/free-hosting/130389-attention-all-users-cpanel-login-attempt-failed-fris-users.html and tried to PM you, but vBulletin said I didn't have permission.

    I've reset my password using control panel, but in the action centre it says the password update failed. When I click resubmit, an error appears (0630AB89).
    I can't access cpanel on any of the servers. Control panel says I'm still on fris, but pinging says I'm on starka. Any help would be appreciated!
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