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    Error: Support is currently closed for the server your hosting account is on ()

    Hello, Unfortunately we do not delete forum accounts. You may simply ignore the account if you wish, you could also change the e-mail address or unsubscribe from e-mails so you do not receive any for it.
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    SQL service stopped?

    Hey again, Alright I'll need to have a look at the account to see what's going on with it, to log into PHPMyAdmin though I'll require your password. In most cases we do not ever request users passwords. Could you please forward your password in an e-mail to me at Jarryd[at]
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    Hi to all

    Hello, Have you only just created your hosting account?
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    IP blocked

    Hello, Are you still having this issue? Most blocks are temporary (48 hours), if you're still having this issue please let us know and we can look at getting it removed.
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    wordpress doesn't send email confirmation

    Hello, Are there any errors in the logs anywhere?
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    Error: Support is currently closed for the server your hosting account is on ()

    Hello, is loading okay for me, it's not showing as suspended anymore. Also I can tell you there is no hosting account associated with your emailtoarpit account.
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    Problem accessing ftp server and entering cpanel

    Hello, Are you able to view your website okay? Is it just cPanel and FTP that aren't working? What FTP client are you using?
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    modification in domain

    Hey, When you update your domain it can take up to 48 hours for the domain to start functioning correctly. You can change the domain in the account panel at Once changed, allow 48 hours for the change to take effect.
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    Hello, I do not see a free hosting account associated with your forum account, if you previously had a hosting account can you please provide the username so I can look up the history of the account?
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    cant acess cpanel

    Hello, What happens when you try and access cPanel? Do you get any error messages? What URL are you trying to log in from? Also what username are you using to log into cPanel? Have you tried resetting your password?
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    delete my free host account

    Hello, This is no problem. :) Can you please fill out the below form after you have read the form please mark the box with an X to signify it's okay for us to delete the account. cPanel username: ( ) Inserting an X inside the parentheses signifies that I have made all necessary backups of my...
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    Website Password

    Hello, When I browse your website I do not see any password prompt, where are you being prompted for a password?
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    Site suspended for HRU.

    You have been suspended for high system resource usage. Accounts are suspended for usage when they are detected to have consistently high cpu usage, memory usage, or process amounts. This is an automatic suspension, you're able to unsuspend yourself immediately by logging into the account panel...
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    SQL service stopped?

    Hello, It doesn't appear there are any issues wit MySQL currently. The MySQL service is running correctly and there isn't any connection errors on any sites on your server. Are you now able to see the MySQL DB's in phpmyadmin?
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    Domain Problem

    Hello, Adding your domain as a parked domain is not a bad thing. It's probably better to keep the original sub-domain as the main domain (just in case the parked domain stops working due to some dns issue etc, therefore your site wouldn't go offline if there is an issue). The only problem with...