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    PC Starts but nothing on monitor?

    Best guess is that you fried your mother board :/ one thing is if its a graphics card issue there is one thing I know where you pull out and reinsert your ram sticks redock them basically, dunno why, but mysteriously it helps, worked for my last computer.
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    What's your Speed?

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    your gender...

    What!? no mutliple choice option?
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    Noob Drawing (Free Lolipop)

    If you had photoshop I guess I could teach you some things. I'm pretty good with it, although I cant speed paint, I'm jealous of those guys
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    Just a quick design...

    Very nice and simple pitty its just an image ATM
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    Webshow Design

    That hurts my eyes, and its not really a web templete is it?
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    Noob Drawing (Free Lolipop)

    It didnt turn out real great, If you get to fully know the software your using, Im sure you can pull it off quite realisticly.
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    Left 4 Dead

    I was a little shocked to find out that Valve didnt create L4D.
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    Creative Minds Look Here

    I like the pixel art idea you could have a server in pixel art but have the the X10 logo on the side, I can help you with it if you want. PM me if your interested.
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    CUU - FPS clan Development Thread

    I don't have the skills or the time to build my own one....
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    CUU - FPS clan Development Thread

    Well due to my long absence has been taken down... Again. It would be nice if I can have a heads up or an e-mail before the admins do this. Looks like I'll have to re-register CUU and try and get the Content managment system up and running. Installing the CMS is easy but I...
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    autodesk maya

    try working on things on a polygon level, ie no effects or filters and hair. try modeling something a bit challenging but not to far ahead. i would be inclined to model a hand gun, Google a pistol and get a side on shot of it, Place it in one of the view ports backgrounds. Create a box on the...
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    CUU - FPS clan Development Thread

    The background in the nav bar is a tempory image from another project. I havent been able to create something thats suitable. Im open for ideas, Maybe a redesign of the navigation bar is needed.
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    autodesk maya

    Foliage is how its spelt, and refferes to plant life, in particular trees Over all the bridge is alright for a beginner, its nice clean and simple. as your first real attempt at modeling AFAIK, (first ones you showed doesn't count as modeling) Your on a great start and with more exploration...
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    autodesk maya

    if your referring to .3ds files when exporting max rotates it 90 degrees on a axis (not sure which one) you can toggle this option though.