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    How to make your site faster, smarter, and safer!

    Glad I could help. :)
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    My site is loading slow!

    Thanks for the info and I found a site that protects your website from hackers, spammers, etc for free and will put less load on the servers here at x10hosting. It's called I just set it up and my site loads a bit faster.
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    How to make your site faster, smarter, and safer!

    I came across this site called it is 100% free and this is NOT a hosting provider! This will protect your site from hackers, spammers and make your site load faster and will put less load on x10hosting servers as well! Watch the video on there site to learn more on how this...
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    My site is loading slow!

    I am on the starka server and my site is please fix this asap!
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    Firefox 4 is released!

    Thanks for the info about Firefox 4. I am now updating my browser.
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    Review My Site please

    Thanks for all the advise I will close this form please don't post here.
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    Review My Site please

    I made a blog using WordPress and I created my own design. Please tell me if I should keep it the way it is or change/improve something. My site is Please sign up for the Forums on my site. I'm a geek and I talk about tech on my site.
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    Who here will buy iPhone 5?

    I would, If the price when down. Btw the iphone moved to Verizon. I have Verizon.
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    WordPress Installation Tutorial

    You can use that to but Softaculous is better they have a one click install for wordpress
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    Speed Up Firefox. Really Works!

    Don't do this I know this trick I tried it and it wont work to make your internet faster go to Open dns will also protect you from phishing sites and malware.
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    X10hosting is great!

    Wow this web hosting is great I am going to recommended it to my friends as well.
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    Problem after instaling themes and plugins in Wordpress

    When I click install on a theme I want the page loads and after when I go to activate the theme it's not listed there but it is listed in the file manager.