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    bbPress vs phpBB

    I have a wordpress website and would like to set-up a Forum. I was wondering which one do you like better? From reading review bbPress is liter but phpBB is more complete? I am looking to build a similar style Forum to this one.
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    Is it good or Bad to Focus on Multiple Niches for one site?

    Is it good or Bad to Focus on Multiple Niches for one site? For example my website is specifically about MyFunLife. But I have been adding blog posts about SEO, Wordpress, and other unrelated topics. Would that have a negative affect on my site?
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    Hp Pavilion 15-e001au Windows 7 Driver?

    oes anyone know where I can get the Wifi driver for HP Pavilion 15-e001au Notebook PC. I've looked everywhere but can only find windows 8 drivers.... Many thanks in advance!
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    YouTube Video Backlinks help SEO?

    Do backlinks from other websites back to your YouTube videos help them rank?
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    I'm using Yoast SEO Plugin shouldn't this be done automatically? Did i miss something? :(
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    In Google Webmaster Tools I'm having an error with /author-sitemap.xml is this very important since I already have a /page-sitemap.xml? The error I get from the Author Sitemap is: "Your Sitemap appears to be an HTML page. Please use a supported sitemap format instead."
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    How to Fix my USB?

    I used UltraISO to make a a bootable usb to install windows but after it was created I can't see my USB anywhere anymore... I tried: - uninstalling it from device manager - Diskpart clean - HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool In device manager the USB says Media and is greyed out.
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    iPhone to Webcam

    I want to turn my iPhone into a webcam. At the moment I'm looking at the Epoccam but can't decide on this or Mobiola Web Camera. Has anyone had experience with any of these?
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    www. vs no www.

    Just wondering do you prefer www. in your domain or no www. ?
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    Backlinks from Facebook?

    Are Backlinks from Facebook included in SEO?
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    Skype Status Alternative?

    Does anyone if there is an alternative so using That status checker does not seem to be very reliable. A lot of the times it's showing me as offline when I'm online.
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    Using adobe dreamweaver with website

    You can create it using Dreamweaver then just upload it to your free hosting service directly. Is that what you mean?
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    Free Wordpress Live Chat Plugin?

    I'm looking for a simple free Live Chat plugin which I can use to chat to users if I'm online and they need any assistance. Anyone have any recommendations?
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    Image Hosting Service?

    I'm looking for a hosting service that changes the image source link every time I press generate code for example. Does anyone know a service that does this?
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    Cloudflare Vs Incapsula Vs Others?

    Do any of you use these services and if so how would you compare them to each-other? I'm just gathering information to try and pick one. I'm personally looking for greater Security and am currently leaning towards Incapsula.