Is it good or Bad to Focus on Multiple Niches for one site?


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Is it good or Bad to Focus on Multiple Niches for one site?
For example my website is specifically about MyFunLife. But I have been adding blog posts about SEO, Wordpress, and other unrelated topics.
Would that have a negative affect on my site?

John Klyne

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It is not bad, but it is also good to understand this...

The more direct your site is, towards a specific niche, the BETTER because google will learn that a lot of relevant information about subject X is located there. IT is best to be the best niche site about 1 topic, get established then to further your work and expand that way ONLY if it is related to the current content...

It is not conducive to create a site with seo, education, science, art and so on as there will then be NO greater establishment.

You must figure out what you want to do.
You must stick to it, and work on it daily.
You must OFFER VALUE. A lot of sites exist but because they offer no value to their viewers...well then the site is pointless/useless...

You want to know how people make tens of thousands of dollars a month online?
You want to really know what they do?

They offer value. (Yes it sounds cliche)...

BUT think of it this way... no one is going to give you XXX,xxx,xxx dollars for your site if you offer no value.

Well maybe you heard that if "you follow your passion" you will strike rich.
Kid, take it from me, and my experience in business... YOUR PASSION SHOULD DRIVE HARD VALUE ADDING BUSINESSES. That is right, If you are passionate about cars...your passion should drive you, make you, compel YOU to work hard at offering value to the rest of the world 1 way or another FIRST. ACCOMPLISH this, and then you can HAVE YOUR PASSION...

Passion DOES NOT equal you being able to do your passion daily and freely...
VALUE does give you the ability to do what you are passionate about.

If you do what you are passionate about to get $$...your passion will no longer be a passion.
If you offer value, through your site, through a niche, a single site you are dedicated to make work first, than and only then should you go off with your signature and tell others they can make money from your "ideas" and such.

I do wish you luck.

Remember... wealth is not 401k's and stocks and mutual funds... NOPE, wealth is.... Net Profit=Item sold/value sold - cost of the item/value you offered

That is right.
I do hope you get rid of your signature, unless you really are making money enough to say that is sustains your living.

You offer no value through it. Think about it... I'm not being an ass. I've been here since 2007. Run online businesses since 2007. Correct, I gain nothing from this post, in fact I lost a few minutes of my life because of this post....

BUT I DO HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND. I am found at (I am not advertising any item, I am just informing you that if you want $$ and I mean real $$ that your signature site will never offer you, then visit). Yes I am a member there, yes I do participate, yes I am on a fastlane plan.


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I appreciate the time it took you to write this great reply (there are people reading).