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    Regalo Dominio Gratis!!

    vence en exactamente 11 meses pero lo puedo renovar gratis, i no no lo independiso ya que esta en mi cuenta, entodo caso lo unico que hay que cambiar es el dns lo cual yo lo hare.
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    Regalo Dominio Gratis!!

    bueno es un dominio que compre la otra vez pero nose para que :S nunca le di buen util y es bastante buen nombre, . El dominio lo configurare yo, y solamente yo tendre acesso a el para cambiarlo de Servidor pero es por la razon que tambien estan mis otros dominios, asi que solamente apuntare a...
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    Regalo Dominio Gratis!!

    Regalo el Dominio, no hosting, puedo apuntar el dominioi a tu cuenta si quieres. El que quiera que avise, tienes que tener una web con trafico ya o explicarme de que se tratara, suerte!.
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    Need Logo - 1000 Creds!

    Hey guys my job is fairly easy if you know photoshop. Im looking for a Sleek, PRO, and Clear Logo for my Website. It gotta be the same dimensios as the demo banner im going to show you, and and then i need you to resize it to 220 X 60 Here is a logo so you can guide yourself...
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    Dominio Gratis

    Estoy dando 1 año de dominio .com .net o .org a cualquiera que escriba 100 entradas a mi sitio web. Debe manejarse en wordpress i sobre webmasters.
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    25 Creditos Por Articulo en mi sitio!

    hola de todo serie, te tengo en mis contactos. Dime que no tienes por ahi algo k has hecho antes y no puedes aplicar C&P, pero bueno, que tal te parese si lo haces unico y te doy 100 por cada articulo. debe ser unico i bien escrito, puede hasta ser un tutorial.
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    25 Creditos Por Articulo en mi sitio!

    Buenas. Mi sitio web es se trata de Webmasters. Por cada articulo interesante que escribas para mi sitio, te dare 25 creditos. Como? pues registrate aqui e inicia session:) luego te vas a tu panel...
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    Domain Name Problems

    Hello there, well i bought a domain name recently. (yesterday) and its poiting to and i changed my primary account to my new domain. When i go to my domain name. the URL changes to (my old...
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    Trade ->WaMu $ + $ For PayPal $

    dude you gotta show me how because i cant seem to do it.
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    Trade ->WaMu $ + $ For PayPal $

    Hello there i need to have money on my paypal but i cant seem to get it, is there anyway i can deposit someone money from my current checking account and you send me paypal money? im willing to give extra $ if its necessary. you tell me, thanks PM me.
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    Tired of Having an Empty Forum? Fill It with Content! How To- INSIDE!

    Lets get this out straight to Sohailmir.. While i was processing somehow the server went down witch didnt cause errors, just addes post on a different dat.e. it didnt mess up your forums.. And to others.. Its not a spam it adds complete threads to your board.. These posts and threads are...
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    Help! Make Cronjob to delete Files older than 3 hours in folder Every 35

    I need a cronjob command to act every 35 minutes to delete all files older than 3 hours in a given directory for example in directory public_html/myfolder/files. Can someone help me ? thanks so much i need this.
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    Tired of Having an Empty Forum? Fill It with Content! How To- INSIDE!

    Hey guys, well we all worked with forums, i know i have and along time ago. Well simply in a few word starting out a forum can be very but very hard... and boring. Why? Because you put all that effot skinning and chaning colors and modding and ustomizing and modifying your board just to see...
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    little help?

    dude your site dont work at all
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    Junk Mail? How no to be..?

    right now i have this. Status: Enabled & Active (DNS Check Passed) Your current raw SPF record is : v=spf1 a mx ip4: ?all NOTE:Om trying to send email from my webpage.. its a script that will import MSN MEssenger contacts and the user has the...