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    Website redesign

    Cheers for that, moved the header image back over to the left...
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    The Ctrl+V game

    With all the emphasis being placed on power and striking in today's modern game, spare shooting sometimes takes a back seat. In some cases, disappears altogether. There is no doubt in my mind that good spare shooting abilities are a must for anyone who wishes to have any success in this sport...
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    Please review my site [snip]

    Not usually a fan of dark forums, but i like this. Nice and clean and i really do like the animations on your menu bar.
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    Review my sites please Bright, vibrant and eyecatching, looks great, only issue i have is when scrolling down the page its not very smooth due to the order bar at the bottom...Great work :biggrin:
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    Whats The Last Game You Bought?

    Alan Wake...awesome game..
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    Website redesign

    Hi all, recently done a full relaunch on my forum, including new domain and upgrade to VB4, and would like your thoughts on it. Look forward to your opinions..
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    Website name change

    Im looking at doing a redesign of my forum and with it would be registering a new domain name. Is there any issues with doing this and using forwarding to my existing site, or an easier way ?
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    New (ish) Forum

    Cheers Leviathon, will your new logo and the wood style, my forum looks 100 times better, just need to sort out the IE6 png problem then it will look good while i do my stuff at work. Thanks for everybody elses input too, have another look and let me know what you think..
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    gzip backup

    Vanished off mine too, and could really do with it right now after changing from free to paid hosting
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    domain name

    My domain name provider has the option to release my domain name to another host, is it of any benefit to release it to here where i host my forum ?
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    Want to change from free to paid hosting

    Hi Russ, i wanted to do a full backup of everything on my free account as i screwed up the files on my new paid account, but i cant get in to the cpanel now, any chance of moving it accross for me again ?
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    Want to change from free to paid hosting

    Well that sort of explains why i cant do anything, So have changed all 3 on my domain host, where do i need to change my forwarding to now ?
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    Want to change from free to paid hosting

    cheers Russ.. :laugh:
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    Want to change from free to paid hosting

    As per title really.. I have just signed up for a paid hosting plan and want to move my forum from the free hosting I have (bowl-northwest) to paid (tenpinforums). How do i go about getting this organised ? :dunno:
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    New (ish) Forum

    Leviathon, just playing around with different templates and looking at changing site name. The header you made was excellent cheers for that, any chance you could do one with Greatly appreciated :naughty: Edit: Still being new to all this, how do i center the...