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    Website down/No cPanel access.

    Hi guys; I hope you are all well. I can not access my cpanel, and my sites/email have been down for a few weeks. I didn't contact you immediately, as I thought It could be resolved by waiting for you to finish the current server changes. I did receive a suspension for not logging into the...
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    How to get ASP.Net to work at x10Hosting

    Thanks for your response Untit1ed; you're most definitely not bothering me man, I give my time freely when I can, in return for all the help I receive from others. Anyway, I'm glad things are working for you now; cool. I'm gonna go back to assuming the setup is the same on all x10Hostings...
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    A very unusual error message cyan02... As you were trying a basic webpage, please read this tutorial for how to get ASP.Net to work at x10Hosting - as you are a Windows developer, it contains what you need to know about deploying to our linux servers. If you still get this error after...
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    How to get ASP.Net to work at x10Hosting

    Hey there Untit1ed; sorry about these issues you're getting - I'm sure we'll have you up and running soon. The 'Runtime Error' page you are getting is an error page generated by ASP.Net, which means it's working. ASP.Net is reporting that you have an error on one of your pages, and you...
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    How to get ASP.Net to work at x10Hosting

    Hi Untit1ed; thanks for pointing out my typo's, well spotted; it hasn't confused anyone so far, but I'll fix it immediately - cheers. This tutorial is very basic, and has been tried and tested quite a few times now. Here is a live version so you can confirm it works. I've have looked at some...
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    Sending a Form using C# and

    Hi alphaq, welcome to x10! What is the specific Exception Message you're getting? If your code worked at home, let's ignore it for now (I assume you added the comments for our benefit, as there is one misplaced within a line of code). So that leaves us with gmail. I don't use it myself, so...
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    Problem with MySQL and ASP.NET

    devottam, don't use the ODBC driver, use the .Net connector instead... Follow the instructions in this tutorial to successfully connected to a SQL database using ASP/Net. If you require further information, please post back; someone will help you.
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    HTTP 500. Error processing request. (gdiplus.dll)

    Hello boelectronic As you've already identified, there is an annoying issue with the Menu control. As for alternatives? Well, you could build your own custom control, or if it suits your purpose, try a Treeview. I have tested the following, so I can tell you it will display the contents of...
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    SMTP help

    Cheers for your kinds words; I'm just going with the community spirit you know... it's nice to help. It'll also be nice to see some different ASP.Net questions... Stop saying ASP:spank: It's ASP.Net! It was broken a few months ago (during all the changes), so it's not all their fault. Anyone...
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    SMTP help

    Hi legendary adamparkzer; if you're referring to ASP.Net, people are having difficulties because they don't know how to use it, not because it doesn't work - I can confirm it works just fine. A new tutorial on how to make ASP.Net work can be found here. ASP is a different beast, and will not...
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    Error ?

    equx02 - please read this tutorial to understand what's going wrong for you. Good luck man.
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    ASP not working on my site

    Thanks matty1980 - now get working on that site!
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    How to get ASP.Net to work at x10Hosting

    THIS TUTORIAL IS NO LONGER VALID; X10HOSTING'S FREE SERVICES NO LONGER SUPPORT ASP.NET. This tutorial is here for Illuminated and Premium, which do support it. OK, so you’ve built a brilliant ASP.Net website, and now you want to show it to the world. You upload the pages to your...
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    Happy Birthday to me!

    Congratulations on making it this far; well done... Happy Birthday.
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    Hi there; If I remember correctly, a few months ago, you were organising some new knowledgebase...

    Hi there; If I remember correctly, a few months ago, you were organising some new knowledgebase content. I wanted to help at the time, but I knew I was moving home, so couldn't give you my time. So, are they finished? Where are they? Can I help with any now? I found 5 recent posts asking the...