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  • Hello,

    Usually i don't provide support via visitor messages as it's a little unfair to users that have posted support tickets and are awaiting their replys. But since you're actually still on Fris and can't post yet and are unaware of what's going on i figured i'd explain to you what's happening.

    The accounts from fris were only started transferring after chopin/boru finished their own transfers. Those servers did their restores of their own first. Now they're both having fris restored to it. Fris had about 5x the accounts per server on it compared to all our others so it may take quite some time to finish them all. Our backend system isn't updating correctly due to some issues which Bryon is working on. This is why it still says you're on Fris.

    What i would suggest is be a little patient a few more days and keep an eye on the news updates. Hopefully support should be open for all servers soon and you should be able to post again so we can look into your issue a little deeper.
    This is somewhat correct.

    Currently Boru and Chopin finished their own server restores and support has been re-activated for them. Unsuspended accounts were the only ones restored. Now the accounts from fris are being split evenly between Chopin and Boru, and as such has not been completed. There are a large number of accounts to restore from fris and it may take a little more time. Once this has been completed, support will re-open for your server issues as well.

    Once its been completed if you are still having issues, feel free to make a support ticket when it's re-opened.
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