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    Problem with uploading images on wordpress

    I am on 3.8.0. The auto-update fails for me. I don't think it's a problem with that.
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    Wordpress HTTP error fix!

    Problem with the host, nothing you can do to fix it. This work around will suffice for basic usage of the 'media' tab. However, it is still ultimately broken until the host fixes it. Cheers!
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    Problem with uploading images on wordpress

    There's nothing us users can do except switch hosts, which was a perfectly acceptable solution for me. If you can't wait, switch hosts while they resolve this issue. I'm still using x10 for my own projects, because I treasure their reliability. "Free" hosting has its costs though! Just wait...
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    Wordpress Image Upload Errors

    Same problem here, haven't found a fix. The people running the servers are trying to figure out why this is happening, and hopefully they'll have it fixed soon. Try using another image gallery plugin, that might help. It didn't help me, but it's helped other people.
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    Problem with uploading images on wordpress

    Thank you!!! I can use this while they fix this annoying problem. Edit: sadly, this did not work for me. I am unable to use images in a way that I need to use them. The plug in is pretty broken right now too, which I suspect is a result of this underlying issue.
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    Problem with uploading images on wordpress

    Haven't quite figured out how to disable imagemagick through wordpress after some googling around for a solution. I can wait. Thanks for the update.
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    Having problems on Wordpress with picture inserting...

    This isn't something you're doing wrong. A few wordpress installations on some of the free x10hosting servers are currently affected by this. I've seen a few x10hosting support volunteers say that they're currently working on fixing this. You'll have to wait it out with the rest of us.
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    CGI: Default Web Site Page

    I'm viewing a blank page with a custom favicon. Try going to the page in another browser, or if you have firefox / chrome, try private browsing / incognito mode. The problem seems to only be on your end.
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    Problem with uploading images on wordpress

    Still having this issue today.
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    Problem with uploading images on wordpress

    I see this is being looked into. Thank you very much x10 support team, you've always been very reliable for the 4-5 years that I've used you guys. Cheers.
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    Problem with uploading images on wordpress

    I either get 'HTTP error' when using the flash uploader, or 503 service unavailable when using the basic uploader. I've googled around for a bit and I can't solve this problem. I'm using an addon domain, and I've reinstalled my wordpress installation from scratch about 3 times now. If you need...
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    Jetpack refuses to connect to my account

    Same problem over here on Starka. This issue makes the plug-in completely unusable, which is unfortunate.