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    is there anyway i can set up a ventrilo or teamspeak server etc. with my x10hosting account
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    user bars

    were is the best place for me to make a user bar
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    your oppinion on blog managment

    hey guys watsup im going to be adding a blog feture to my site i was wondering what you thought was the bes
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    phpBB templates

    I've downloaded a template for phpBB and now im trying to install it the site that i got the download from had a tut but it was way too straight forward help plz
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    SMF install???

    i all ready have something installed to my root directory how do i install SMF when i tell fantastico to install it to something else it tells me it does not exist
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    content manager

    im new this more open ended webdesign i came from free webs which i would never recomend to anyone. now im trying out joomla and i want to know what content editor you guys think is the best and why
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    joomla help me plz

    okay i installed joomla with fantastico and it worked and my site is all joomla now but how the hell do i edit it