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    compressed air cars

    in europe theyre currently marketing cars powered by compressed air. cool concept hey guys. would anyone buy one of these?
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    hey there guys, firstly big thanks to support for the good job theyre doing these days. much appreciated. now for my problem. my site was down earlier today. now my site is back up again but my c-panel isnt working. it reckons it cant find the server. my domain is...
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    please restore my wrongfully terminated account

    hey tech support / account managers, somehow during your server backup process my account was either terminated or lost. according to the reply to my support ticket that is. tyler said it was probably due to inactivity yet I stuck to ALL the rules and logged into c-panel on a weekly basis...
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    accessing my site says i dont have a default page. what gives???

    hey tech support team, I recently tried accessing my site cpanel and the site itself. as it has been about a week since i last accessed cpanel i felt i ought to do this. imagine my surprise when it wouldnt log in. i then tried my site only to get a message that i had no default page. i...
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    suspended account

    hey guys, i run the subdomain i have just discovered my account has been suspended. i requested an upgrade to corporate AND set up the ads on my site as per request. why have i since been suspended when to the best of my knowlege I have complied with the rules?
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    komodo linux available for download

    hi all, a great little linux distribution, komodo linux, released its first official release this week. feel free to download it from as the developer i may be biased. however I would like to give my thanks to x10hosting for allowing me to host on their server.
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    deleting files your ftp client wont delete

    ok. can anyone help? i am uploading files to my site via smart-ftp. however some have corrupted. when i try to delete them my ftp client wont do so as it says something about an incorrect file name type or something like that. i gather i can control my site via a web browser instead of...
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    linux versus windows in future

    this may be better off in the software section but oh well. as a desktop operating system Linux has been taking great steps forward. what do people think. will it ever be as user friendly as windows? i think 5 or 10 years yes if they standardise more.
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    what is everyones favourite form of art? mine is bonsai or sculpture. maybe music too. paintings arent my thing.
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    komodolinux website

    hi all, I am a relativa amateur at web design. I can do a fair bit of html stuff. below is my site for a project im doing. In a forum I established for this project I was told I should have content management panels or such. can anyone explain to me what...
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    hi all

    hey there, im from australia. love linux. am customising a distro.