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    Facebook and other social networking site is one big SCAM!

    After reading this, Facebook still takes full responsibility for what they are advertising.
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    Facebook and other social networking site is one big SCAM!

    I've written this article and I would like everyone to read it. Also, please bare in mind that I did have a bad time writing this. The article is depressing and the facts are true. Please read and comment... Word Count 1963 (Approx) Thank you.
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    Avoid getting ban from Google!

    Yes, I completely agree with you. Many publisher these days just want to take shortcuts. But, it will only last for a short time before Search Engine banned them or lower their PR. This tactics is also an offence to visitors and its also a very bad trick!
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    Avoid getting ban from Google!

    Hi everyone! I've written this article for everyone to read and learn these mistakes to improve their ranking. However, due to large amount of text, I cannot pasted them here. It will also degrade xhosting search quality. So, here is a short exert for you to read. If you want to read the full...
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    1$ and 100 credits for designing my logo and banner

    Sheesh... just forget about the others and the points altogether and let me deal with this problem. First of all, please send me an email and state clearly to what you need or want. After that, I will create a signature + professional logo for your website. ie: colours of choice, types of...
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    Looking for recommended links (Read More....)

    I would like to post and asks everyone who has PR1 - PR3 that hosts contents, educational programming, tutorials and anything else that serves computer repair, reviews on electronic gadgets, digital art and design. We also accept Free Online Ebook websites for students!! Please email...
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    Link exchange with free online books site

    OMG.... can I please Link Xchange? Your site is the best and it was the site I was looking for ! I don't care about Page Rank. Its about education!! Your link will appear here: in the recommend section (from the sidebar). Link X-change Title: Lair360 Design Url...
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    Lair360 website needs Sponsor! (Statistic Included)

    Lair360 is looking for sponsor! We need some help to keep the server going and keep it open for everyone to read, learn and download free resources for educational purposes. Therefore, we would like you to grab an ADS placement to support the server. Special Deal in US Dollar: 125 pixel *...
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    Link exchange with tittat

    All done! ;) P.S. My javascript engine is a little complicated, therefore, I don't want to rush and ruin my link collections. Thanks for the wait tittat!
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    Link exchange with

    hola balonga! :eek4: I was looking for link exchange and this is the perfect website for students! Right, I would like to link exchange with you. But, you must give me this... site name: site link: site description: Your link will be placed here...
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    Link exchange with tittat

    Hi! Can I please do a link exchange? Your website is private and I am happy!:biggrin: site name: Lair360 site link: site description: Lair360 website has a range of articles and tutorials that can help you maintain your computer and windows systems. But, there are also a...
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    Create 2 banners + 1000 points + 7 weeks deadline!

    Dear guest and artist! Today is my special day and I am going to be away for 7 weeks. Therefore, I would like you all to create 2 of these specific sized banners with the following logos. However, banners sizes do applied.... 1.] A small banner and it must be animated GIF / Static PNG. Size...
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    SSL encrytion for my Site! Please review!!

    Dear members, I am happy to announce that I now got a dedicated IP address + SSL encryption through donations! I would lile to say thank you to... John Merry (London) Joseph Baker (London) Andrew Wright (Scotland) Thank you for making this possible! :) These encrytion will make user safe when...
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    Background, 150 credits

    Hi rebel! I can't login as Lair360! I got hit with this words: SECURITYIMAGES REJECT USER ENTRY
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    Background, 150 credits

    Rebel! :) What type of stripes, colours, tones do you want for the background? I have CS photoshop 11 and I can do this for you. P.S. for those who thinks (accept for Rebel) that I am rich. Well...think again!! I am working in a design company!! Get it? Edit: Here is the package. However...