Facebook and other social networking site is one big SCAM!

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  1. lair360

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    I've written this article and I would like everyone to read it. Also, please bare in mind that I did have a bad time writing this. The article is depressing and the facts are true.
    Please read and comment...


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    Thank you.
  2. nandifamily

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    what i want to say is that, these sites r as u use them. if u use them properly they r of great help and if u misuse them, u r in great trouble.
    look at me. i only add friends on facebook whom i already know personally. i dont add strangers. do not like spam and scam pages and do not host my personal stuff like my photo galleries there.
    if u r cautious urself, there is nothing one can do to you.
    And one more thing, dont trust a service unless u r paying for it.
  3. galaxyAbstractor

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    Meh, it's one persons own fault if he gives away stuff he later will regret, without thinking of consequences before. You should only share stuff if you are 100% sure it would have no consequences. Sharing your home address can have big consequences, because it cost a lot of money to get a new house if you would be one of those who get picked on a lot or something. Sharing a email address has nearly no consequences, if you get a lot of spam, just sign up for a new address.

    Also, saying Google Buzz is safer than facebook, yeah right Buzz has/had a lot of privacy issues showing which people you sent emails to etc
  4. vekou

    vekou Member

    Well, not really. Sure, social networks has its pros and cons, one of them is privacy. Not just Facebook, but even MySpace, Friendster, Orkut, etc. It's not Facebook's fault why some people are being stalked, and become vulnerable to identity theft, it's the responsibility of the user. If you wouldn't want strangers searching for your home, then don't place your real address. I have heard many cases of women being victimized on Facebook by being blackmailed for casual sex. They add them as friends even if they don't know them. Chat with them, even being convinced of giving their nude pictures to persons pretending to be someone else. Then being blackmailed of posting the nude photos if they don't agree to have sex with them. Of course, some persons will blame facebook for that! But the real one to blame is the person's gullibility, of trusting a total stranger who she hasn't met before. I have to repeat, the user is the one responsible for his/her privacy on social networking sites. If you don't want strangers to see your real address, facebook has the option to hide it, or don't even put it. If you don't want them to see your birthday, then hide it from your profile. If you're not comfortable with these privacy settings, chances are you didn't care to read the TOS of the site. It's very simple, if you don't agree with their TOS, then don't sign up.
    Flash games are a good way to relax during your break, especially while your using your Facebook account. Many companies earn their living by charging gamers money for the playing their games. This is especially true for MMOGs. Even other games cost money, like Street Fighter, Tekken, etc. You have to purchase them before you play them. But in multiplayer online games, the game is free, but you have to pay everytime you play. But usually, games in facebook are free to play. If you want an advantage against other players, you may opt to buy game credits in exchange for in-game items. And that's optional. You aren't required to do so. Of course they would persuade you to buy game credits. It's called marketing. It's the reason why companies place ads on TV, radio, newspaper and even online. It is to earn money. They won't be able to give their developers their salaries if they don't earn money, unless they're philanthropists. But in the end, it's still up to you to buy them. They can persuade you, but they can't force you. And again, if you don't agree with their ways, you can always leave them. You don't have to stay with them. You can't blame facebook for having a crappy and untrustworthy game. You also can't blame the companies if they persuade you to buy game credits, it's their business. It's like blaming a hamburger for making you fat. You don't blame the hamburger because it's juicy and smells good, you blame yourself for giving in.

    There are also advertisements on the right side of a page on facebook. These are 3rd party advertisements and Facebook has nothing to do with them. Facebook is not to blame if the advertisements contain scams, although it is Facebook's fault for not checking advertisements first before putting them live. This is also true for other online advertisements. You can't blame google for an irrelevant ad, you have to blame the one that create it. With the millions of advertisements being created everyday, you can't expect them to filter all of them, right?

    In conclusion, I think your post pertains to the weaknesses of all websites and not just social networking sites particularly Facebook. Personal security is an issue that's being addressed even long ago. Before the advent of social networking sites, people create their personal homepages where they usually put a page called "About Me" where they put their real name, birthday and other personal information (imagine geocities, tripod and angelfire websites back in the 90's). It's almost the same with today, the only difference is that all user profiles are in one site. The point here is that you as the user must be responsible in putting sensitive information on the web. Be careful of what sites you visit. More malicious websites exist outside of facebook.
  5. lair360

    lair360 New Member

    After reading this, Facebook still takes full responsibility for what they are advertising.
  6. wongers

    wongers New Member

    i got bored of reading your rant after about half way through.

    if you have no common sense then you will fail! simple.
  7. GtoXic

    GtoXic x10 Support

    I'd like to say that if facebook etc is used properly, they are not a scam, your account can't really be stolen very easily unless you tell people your password either conciously or un-conciously. Facebook also have privacy settings which are proven to work which will only show your details to who you choose (No-one, friends and family etc.)
  8. alexa8

    alexa8 New Member

    I know I am a little late, but and there is always a but, better late than never. I just could not let this go without putting some sort of comment in order to gain some wild credits. :) Actually I am going to comment to Lair personally. First I found your article a little bit boring and in need of some grammar fixes. Not that you are not educated since you are offering tutoring for students, but if you re-read it you might find it written very simple; when I think you wanted to make a dramatic impression on the reader. But, that aside here goes. Come on Lair your bashing Facebook and social network sites, where were you when there was IRC? Talk about scandals Facebook has nothing on IRC and somewhere in the background I am sure it is still going strong. What the INTERNET gave you, I and all users was a way to touch base with folks that we would never have been able to meet or greet in our life time. People from all walks of life and all nationalities. And, why not take advantage of it to the best of your ability. which most of us beginners did. Then along came myspace and wow a whole new way of communicating, then Facebook, and again another system. I hate Facebook like you but maybe not for the same reasons. I also use it apparently like you, but I like most that I know use if for family and friends to do just that with; share comments, photos and stories and get updates. As mentioned you can abuse it and everything else in life. This is going to happen with everything. You will have some that over do it and push the wrong buttons, make the wrong comments, and show the wrong pictures. But, you will not be the last or was not the first to give fair warning. It's like Murphy's Law. "If it can go wrong it will". Now lets talk advertising. Why not use every means possible to advertise your business. Be it on Goggle or any social network. It's all about making money right. For goodness sake look what happen on a public classified site....Craigs List Killer. It's all fair in love and war. It would be nice if we all respected each others privacy and were all good god fearing folks, but we are NOT! Look at you for example asking anyone and everyone to take a look at your blog. You took something and made it public and invited everyone. Do you really think that you are so clever that you could not be found, or that you can hide now that you are out here. Come on Lair, you are too intelligent for that. Hahaha and for nandifamily - what makes you think you can trust it just because you pay for it?

    With all that said I have one last note: I saw on my local news today a story about Walmart :) Apparently someone has opened a site called People of Walmart or Walmart People....and they are going around Walmart taking pictures of shoppers in hilarious positions such as belly's hanging out of shirts, pants on the ground (hehe) Some really funny and embarrassing things. A woman complained, but there is nothing wrong with it, nothing illegal. No invasion of privacy. I guess this means when you walk out of your house you better watch everything you do because someone could be watching you. By the way You Tube is up for grabs to, so watch for that funny video to show up.
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  9. CoolFinalFan

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    some very interesting replies to this thread! I would say that if you set up the privacy settings high @ Facebook, that's half the battle in dealing and protecting your Facebook account. Also, BitDefender has an app on Facebook that will let you know how your security settings are doing. There is also a page on Facwbook that also deal with security > http://www.facebook.com/fbprivacy?sk=info
  10. callumacrae

    callumacrae not alex mac Community Support


    Are you saying that everything that is non-productive is a scam? Are you saying that stuff like photo sharing websites are scam because you can upload undesirable pictures?

    Facebook is not a scam, merely a few people who use it abuse it. Grow up, report them, and get over it.

    Would you call windows a scam because there are viruses and people who steal bank details?
    Would you call the Internet itself a scam because it allows Facebook and dodgy websites?
    Would you call real life a scam because there are murderers, rapists and thieves?

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  11. wave42

    wave42 New Member

    I only use Facebook, simply to communicate with my friends. End of story.

    Don't add strangers, Do not use applications that do not provide privacy policies and you'll be safe. It has also privacy settings for you to utilize, so IMHO, Facebook's not a scam after all...

    Facebook got tons of provided benefits already and some will be added in the near future, yet there are also negative impacts (effect) to the society. Well, the only negative effect I can give you is that most people spend more time on Facebook than meeting with the actual person, which I think is bad. An actual conversation, face to face is important, especially if the communication is relationship-related.
  12. ayesh

    ayesh New Member

    Well, I'm one of the people who use fb/twitter for real useful work.

    I spend my free time writing tech news, etc in my site (http://texby.com/news ). Twitter connects me to a number of top-notch news providers so I'm feeling that I'm living in a digital village.

    Take facebook: I'm a full time developer. I meet most of my clients through fb. Plus, my family and friends stay in touch with me.

    I personally think that the biggest problem in fb is using applications. Simply give a try to a small game. It will ask permissions to write on your wall, post status updates, send you emails, etc. Does a game really want these ?
    Fb is just a market place. We are the people who make them rich. However nobody will criticize fb if they could earn money through them. Lol
  13. zbloomq35

    zbloomq35 New Member

    Facebook wastes time, true. So does nearly every other website on the 'net. The reason people use Facebook is to get in touch with family and friends and have some fun from the comfort of their chair. What's so wrong with that? Also, I have never (not once) heard about somebody being raped/murdered/mutilated because of their Facebook profile. It just doesn't happen as much as you try to make it sound. The cases you named had little to nothing to do with Facebook. Also, I find it odd that you claim to be against Facebook's advertisements (which they need to keep their popular social platform afloat) when you yourself have your page littered with advertisements.
  14. firedavid98

    firedavid98 New Member

    i agree, have common sense when u are using the computer and u will remain safe.

    i've had a facebook for many years now and nothing has happened to me so far. :tongue:
  15. paint2010

    paint2010 New Member

    Agreed. Not everyone is a goody two-shoes. There are people who abuse what they are given. Simply report them and move on.

    What you do is your responsibility. Simply, Facebook and the other social networking sites do have their flaws, but they have their perks too. Yes, they can be dangerous with your personal information dangerously accessible to an extent. But, Facebook helps connect people together. I couldn't imagine completing work without communicating over Facebook group chat. it's also one of the easiest ways to spread news fast.

    The most dangerous thing about the social networking sites are the connect options (Facebook Connect, etc). They're not always safe. Someone was posting spam to my friends when I connected with a site to avoid the hassle of registering.
  16. vv.bbcc19

    vv.bbcc19 Community Advocate Community Support

    In 100% agreement.
    Not only the social networking sites-- email services,websites ,blogs and forums ...almost every thing on the internet abides to what Dr.Nandi quoted above.

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