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    [starka] The MySQL® server is currently offline. ?

    Admin is already aware with this issue... I read there status and you read there announcement too with this link
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    Internal Server Error 500 No response from subprocess with exit signal: 13

    I checked my cPanel.. And Guess what.. I found out that I have no SQL database installed... 0/4... That means... freehosting database is down.. But.. admin is already resolving the issue... here's there announcement about this issue
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    VPN Suggestions

    :confused:Does anyone knows what is the nicest VPN that I could use? Just need a little help.. Thanks...
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    Posting in forum once a month

    You right! I like to login to this forum to help and to communicate.. There are lot things to learn you know... not just to login because you're afraid to get suspended...
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    how to setup website?

    hmmm.. Where do hosted your Main Domain? If you have a Main site and you want to have another domain which looks like you Main website use parked domain. But if you don't have your website yet and still setting it up.. Login to your cPanel and Click Softaculous. Then install Wordpress. You can...
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    Site Open To Crawl

    I have my website just this December 2011. Currently working as a Freelance SEO... What do you thing if I leave my website open to be crawled from the Search Engine... My robot.txt doesn't disallow any links on my site even the admin page.. Does it make any difference or what? Here's my site any...
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    Paper Wars 2 Player Online Game

    Nice.. I'll give it a try... And tell about this to a friend.. who is extremely addicted to online games... ---------- Post added at 03:27 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:45 PM ---------- Little Suggestion... Can you build Player vs. Computer Options... Its funny that I'm playing all by...
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    Huge List Of Free MMO Games

    Is there any new list of Games for this year?
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    What is the best way to get traffics?

    I think its on the content... Make some eye catching articles and don't forget to bookmark it. Then, do some blog commenting.. In that way, both of you exchange some traffic. 8)
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    Co.CC - Blocked by my Internet Security

    I have a free Co.CC domain sites and hosted by x10hosting. Just this August, my ESET Nod32 Internet Security blocked my site and also my friends website with Co.CC domain. When I check the Co.CC site it was also blocked. I just wonder how come the domains where blocked. Is there any treats...
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    Help 2 do SEO

    Me too.. Although, I lil bit know what you are talking about and already doing those tips.. But, my problem was.. Instead I'm making my site up it goes down slowly.. and I'm totally worried about it.. Does anyone here knows what's the cause of this down ranking?:confused:
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    Hi... I'm Lee and this is my site www.OliberAmal. I do Freelance and lots of things... But I...

    Hi... I'm Lee and this is my site www.OliberAmal. I do Freelance and lots of things... But I like to share (what I could only share) to this community.
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    Laptop Issue's

    That would be impossible that wires where put in the wrong places. As long as I know, computer hardware connection are error-free panels. Its purpose to minimize the error/mistakes of the technician in putting wires. I know because, I've also done it (opening my laptop) though I have some skills...
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    Hi... I ain't a new user. But, not that old user neither... I ain't that good but not that bad...

    Hi... I ain't a new user. But, not that old user neither... I ain't that good but not that bad neither... I Search in google for answers but I have also my own ideas... And I do like to be part of this community... So lets talk and change some ideas... Because, I love to share thoughts but not...
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    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    I think the best operating system is what is the best of your hardware and the uses of this hardware... You can't install microsoft or even ubuntu in an apple hardware. Or you may have problems installing mac in you non-apple hardware... And dual boot, for me, is not advisable cause your...