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    Any one with a functioning Drupal-based site?

    Ok, thank you for the clarification
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    Any one with a functioning Drupal-based site?

    Hi I have a couple of Drupal-based sites and currently some are not working, although I have made no changes to any. This has been going on for several days. The main site at shows the following error message: another at memory-related errors...
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    Drupal newbie

    Hi I wrote a brief tutorial on how to install Drupal found at If u want to use the latest version of Drupal, ie currently 5.7 OR 6.2, use method 2. Method 1 is easier but Fantastico normally has slightly...
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    Drupal newbie

    One thing I know, though is that most/many modules for Drupal 6.0 are not out yet. It is also possible some additional ones you may need may not be ready yet. To go it safe, install Drupa 5.7 which is fully functional with all the stable modules available and upgrade later. You lose absolutely...
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    DB number problem

    That solved the problem. Many thanks. :)
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    DB number problem

    Hi If you go to the MYSQL Databases link on the Cpanel, you have the list of DBs one is using. Before I deleted one functioning DB for some reason it showed I had "6" instead of the normal 5. The 6th database database appeared mysteriously at the time there were major issues x10hosting was...
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    DB number problem

    Please excuse me if this has been addressed. I somehow did not find a connected article after trying a search. For quite a while, I have noted I have more than the 5 allocated DBases for the corporate plan - 6 to be precize. I thought the problem would go at the time there was a general DB...
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    Problems with FTP client

    Hi Bear with me if I missed out on some announcement. I tried using SEARCH b4 this but for some reason it could not find anything on FTP! Anyway, for a couple of days, I cannot upload anything using an FTP client. I keep getting "Critical transfer error" all the time for all files, though...
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    Everything up but site inaccessible

    Pardon me in case I missed something in spite of reading the suscribed to News & Announcements ... My site & that of a friend hosted at site.x10hosting are both down, though everything, including Apache http & FTP is shown to be up. I also cannot access the account via FTP => Anyone...
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    Formula 1

    Hi Anyone following Formula 1? I have been following it for the last 6, 7 years and a McClaren Mercedes fan. I think it's become quite interesting of late with Ferrari with Kimi Räikkonnen & Filipe Massa trying to catch up with McClaren's Rookie Hamilton & Alonso, with now 4 races to go. Then...
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    More woes thanks to some evil elements

    Hi More problems are coming to light caused by the disabling of fsockopen() just because of some few bad eggs misusing them. On top of several important functions not working in a web directory script using this function (see...
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    Some pages not fully loading

    I have a web directory [php, mysql based + Smarty templates] I am constructing & have been manually adding links or importing some from DMOZ. There has been no problem with it. I have not touched the code for many weeks .... In spite of that, when I try to "fetch" a url in the admin panel, which...
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    Is the corporate plan ad code ok?

    Hi Just wondering whether corporate ad code is ok ... If I am not mistaken, it's not been showing at least on my site for more than 2 days .... Using Regards
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    Other CMS [apart from Joomla/Drupal]

    Apart from Joomla and Drupal, there many but probably less well known OPEN SOURCE CMS that are good, robust, stable & that have many modules to extend usability & good & active support forums. Good CMS like the 2 above can be used for just about anything, be it private sites, community websites...
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    Drupal CMS

    Hi I have been using Drupal CMS for a while. It is great, with lots of modules that be used to make one's site almost be used for anything. The support community is very active & mostly one gets help fast enough. I am developing a regional community site, with lots of stuff on it, where people...