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    Breakout in CSS/JavaScript

    Nice to see some oldskool javascript
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    Heart bleed?

    very interesting
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    World War II: TDC Game

    like it
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    How fast is your Internet?

    Never Less
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    Hi there guys

    hello, this is luke how may i help you?
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    Whats The Last Game You Bought?

    quake live. Been playing since 98.
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    Payment Manager?

    very nice buts its not free :(
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    why my domain is Suspended

    bah fine print..:frown:
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    Free Wordpress Themes by developerholic

    thx this will b very helpful for my next site
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    What Programming Language should I learn?

    depends what you wanna do later on... websites... html phone apps... java
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    Post your specs

    im on a crappy e1505 dell laptop T5400 1.86Ghz core 2 duo 3GB 60GB HD x1400 128mb card integrated webcam (my own DIY) :)