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    STMP Down (and maybe mail not working at all)

    STMP Server is down I guess. Someone spam?
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    E-Mail Broken

    Corey it happened again. My e-mail won't recive messaged anyone sends to it. I can connect to the pop server, and webmail, but no new messages appear. STMP is also not working. Info: Site: Sub donaim: CPanel Login: sbsx10h E-Mail...
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    E-Mail Down? Or just slow...

    I can access my account but I am not reciving any e-mail that was sent to that account. It's been about an hour and I really need thease e-mails. As long as they are not lost, I'm happy.:dunno:
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    We are looking for skilled Beta Testers...

    Valde Games is looking for skilled Beta Testers. A programming/game design backround would be nice but is not required. For more information view the post below:
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    Any ideas? redirects to Why? makes you download some file (may be FF only) Why? works. Why is this? Any ideas. I would like them all to work...
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    Method Not Allowed The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL /forums/login.php. And then the Apache stuff... PHP won't load.
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    [REQ] 3D Player Model

    As you can see I don't have many points :sad: but I was wondering if any one would be interested in making player models for my game that is currently under dev. I'll give you all my points (and if you want more - any future points) for a player model. We need one/both of the following...
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    Change Sub Donaim

    I was wondering if I can get my account changed from to Right now there are no HTTP files on the webserver because I am switching the focus of the site. It would be great for the change. Thanks, Pig
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    For those who like the idea of CS...

    I am one of the many who like the type of game CS is but hate the community. Well, Frag-Ops is a mod for UT2004, it's somewhat like CS, well, the Mission gametype is, but it's so much better. If anyone wants to help out FO's slowly dieing community please download and play the mod...