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    Welcome friend! Glad to have you here with us!
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    About the Design, please help!

    My group plan to redesign Pitguru. About the design, please help review to see what I should make change for the next improvement. Please share your ideas for help! Thanks a lot for your time!!
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    Does my website ok?

    Your Hosting Account is Suspended!
  4. myx10, Please help review!!

    Thanks a lot for your remarks! I'll check back and make suitable changes.
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    How are you earning money in life?

    How are you earning money in life? Just a simple question know know what career people care the most. I'm translator in a futures publishing company. How about you? What do you do to earn?
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    Hello there!

    Hello Murtaza! It's great to have more friend to join here with us. Learn, share and enjoy time being here!!
  7. myx10, Please help review!!

    As a new WP site, Futurescrude was built to support you guys in trading crude nymex. Please help me review the site and share with me your ideas of how it is good and not good so that I can make necessary improvement. Thanks a lot for your help!!
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    [New] Review my website

    You can put more content to let visitor understand more about the site. Make use of writing title tag and meta description which yours misses. Single keywords will not help much for your SEO strategies. If you don't know much about that, search to learn more how to write such the tag to make it...
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    I need ideas

    Your site is so simple. There are plenty of empty spaces. You can fill them to not make the site look like incompletely.
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    Welcome Jexl007, Hope you enjoy time spending here!
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    Please share your ideas about

    Thanks a lot for your cool suggestions! I'll consider to make changes.
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    Please share your ideas about

    Dear friends, Please help review and share your ideas about my new site (Commodities Future Trading)! What do you think I should change to make it a better look and suitable in term of SEO? Thanks for your help!
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    Review my website please

    The site looks nice but there are still many empty spaces. I like the ways you color your site. It's very focused and impressive. Good job!
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    (250 points)AWESOME LOGO PICS

    It looks quite nice. Let me have a check :)
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    Welcome Hamzycotter! Glad to have you here with us! Hope you enjoy the forum. It's really nice.