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  • Amaro redesign korar plan royeche. Ashole ei design ta jokhon korechilam tokhon ekebare novice chilam.
    Hello Nahid, I am Anirban studing Electrical Engineering in Netaji Subhash Engineering College, Kolkata. What are you doing ?
    Hi Nahid.... I've got a simple question.

    I'm up to a section about selection in javascript.

    Question is how do I create an web application which gets two number and then displays the larger number?

    Is it through function? I thought being a different section in the exercises it isn't function but something else.. Google and w3 was confusing me. I just want the basics to get going with it

    Hey thats good to hear.

    I think JS is starting to stick with me a bit now because of people like you who have helped.

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