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    Who Likes Pokemon?

    I used to play it a lot back in the days, but now, if I see or own it, it's not something to be ashamed of. :P
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    drinking high amounts of redbull

    that's insane... at most, i would drink an energy drink once per week
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    which is better? firefox or IE?

    Firefox is great when it comes to debugging web applications, with add-ons such as Firebug. IE fails to create such useful things, and that's where its use for me has decreased.
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    You like Facebook or Orkut???

    i'm more used to facebook, for now
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    What are your favourite bands?

    system of a down, flaw, korn
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    Flash + HDD = ?

    solid state drives will always win
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    Turn the PC off or leave it on?

    well, if you can put it on standby, that works, too
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    Favicon: Yes or No.

    it's good to have it for customization purposes, but it should also be visible enough to stand out... like a single letter of the alphabet or a familiar image
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    Best Quote

    "Everything is a choice. Not making a choice is also a choice." - a paraphrase of Sartre
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    So who likes techno?

    woo, Basshunter is nice.
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    Hello all!

    Well, I've only been here a day and I already am getting good vibes about moving my entire website over to this server. I hope to engage in the forum, as well, and probably help out people if needed. Great place, thus far. :]