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    Whats the best way to make a wordpress theme?

    No. A basic understanding is helpful though. The function names wrapped around <?php *codehere* ?> are pretty straightforward. For example the_title() is the title of the post, the_author() is the author of the post, and so on. I just wrapped my XHTML around it and was good to go. :cool:
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    Epic Upgrade

    Linux distros come with an Add/Remove Program panel like Windows, but it also offers the ability to update ALL programs. This saves a lot of time so you don't have to go to each program's website to see if there are updates, download, and install individually. He is probably upgrading to Ubuntu...
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    Hello guys can you please help me?

    Checking the source I can already see a couple problems: - Meta Elements You have two of the following: Google Site Verifications, Keywords, and Descriptions. You should also use commas instead of " | " to separate the keywords. - Header Tags On the main page, you are only using h4 tags. See...
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    Left 4 Dead 2

    Glad they released a demo... I'm already bored with it. Not much to do like the first game. Same stuff over and over. Rather save the $ and play one of the zombie HL2 mods.
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    Forza 3 or Gran turismo 5

    Im going with Gran Turismo. Been a fan since GT2, haven't play Prologue because well... why should I? I'm waiting for the real GT5. :hyper: Played Forza 2, hated it. Not going back. Plus its 360... WASTE OF $$$.
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    My Latest Design - College Teen Diversity

    First off, the image is fixed. So the the rest of the image is unseen, just wasting bandwidth (near 4 MB!). Now the bricks in the bottom half of the background image is repeatable. So you can cut it out and use CSS to repeat it. See this article: How To: CSS Large Background Image This would...
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    Css Tableless design

    I don't understand why people flock to DreamWeaver. I bought a nice thick tutorial book, grabbed a DreamWeaver trial, mastered DreamWeaver, and uninstalled it without looking back. I think it slows down productivity and messes with my code too much. Heres a video tutorial that looks good...
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    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    I use Fedora. I thought Ubuntu was okay, but simplified too much. OpenSUSE was good, but didn't feel like home. What I think is funny is the Windows 7 commercials advertising the "new" features... Ive had these features for a couple years now.... on LINUX! WOOHOO! Windows 7 just feels like...
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    Whats the best way to make a wordpress theme?

    I started using Wordpress about a month ago. I thought creating a theme was easy (took 2 hours). What really helped out was using a bare bones theme: Its not a framework, its just a basic layout with the neccesary blog functions. Then I...
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    How to include videos on a website?

    The JW FLV Player I linked to earlier also lets you use YouTube videos. (Just upload the yt.swf file included with the JW FLV Player). See this example from their wizard: Plus, you can skin it, so it matches your site (I...
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    How to include videos on a website? I use the JW FLV Player on my site. There are plugins and skins available for it. My videos are high quality H.264 MPEG-4 (MP4). This format also produces smaller file sizes. This is a nice plus because old DivX/Xvid looks horrible in...
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    ThickBox (like lightbox)* Compressed .JS

    Compression does help make downloading faster. No real downside here as things like comments and white space are removed, and sometimes variables are renamed to something shorter. It does make changes harder, so you should always keep a backup of the uncompressed file. Now this compressed JS...
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    What's your favorite (free) FTP Client?

    FileZilla or FireFTP (FF Extension) I use both about the same.
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    What's the best deal you've found?

    Orange Box + CS:S for $25 about 5 months after the OrangeBox was released. The OB was even cheaper after I sold CS:S (hated it). Also got a stack of PS1 SquareSoft games for $40. Front Mission 3, Vagrant Story, Parasite Eve, Brave Fencer Musashi, and Legend of Mana. They did not know what they...
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    G-OS is an operating system for people who spend a lot of time on the web. It will be targeted towards netbooks, and will use the Linux kernel. Apps will also be web based. This just sounds like Moblin to me. I don't think Google is up to anything, the OS will probably take their current web...