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    What do you use?

    Hello ! I wonder who of you uses a local web server before you upload your code? What type of machine you use (make and model) to make it a local host server? What kind of OS do you use ..?
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    setting my DNS MX record for x10host/x10hosting

    Double thread, here.
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    I need the IP addresses of the nameservers

    @jabberwocky123 Check the doc given before. Hope this help you : )
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    local web server

    I upload $_FILES with 10 possible array, this can explain for why I needed larger number of bytes.After pass-test, I modify the value of "max_post_size" to 10M (mb) ^^
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    local web server

    I have caught my error, I have edited the wrong php.ini file. [Wrong] C:/wamp/bin/php/php5.5.12/php.ini [Correct] C:/wamp/bin/apache/apache2.4.9/bin/php.ini After update the the value "post_max_size" up to 30M, tested and work like a charm ! To be sure I have the same value of X10, it's...
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    local web server

    I already have change few lines: - upload_max_filesize = 1000M - max_file_upload = 50 - memory_limit = 1280M - post_max_size = 1000M (I put big value to be sure the problem not coming from the .ini) At the point of I put only one image in the upload input and infos in text input, work like a...
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    local web server

    Yes, this is exactly my point, so if a staff member can give me a copy by MP or email for test purpose, can make me happy! ^^
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    local web server

    Hi ! Here is a way to have a copy of php.ini ? I use wamp (all in one web server solution) and I'm building the code and test trough wamp and after pass test, upload on x10, but for the first time in a script run perfectly on X10, but some problems on local area. I suspect the php.ini file on...
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    CronJobs help

    Hi X10 ! -Solved, sorry for inconvenience. Thank's in advance.
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    Question About Hosting My Own Domain

    Hi, No you will be not suspended for inactivity like that, at the point of you log-in here one time per month. Have a nice day :)
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    Server Down ?

    Hi, Can you provide the LOG file ?
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    PHP script dosen't work

    If is only for test as you said before, you can install on the actual windows you have, so no VM. If you don't trust "on-line" shopping, you'll never grow up like a PRO Dev. Keep in mind is not the job of host provider to be secure when you paid for a services like VPS, it's YOUR job to be...
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    FTP Settings Needed

    Have a nice day :)
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    FTP Settings Needed

    okay so it's simple, add via Addon domain, like's the link past before, wait 48 hours. If you can't reach after 48 hours, flush your dns.
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    FTP Settings Needed

    Are you trying to add a ? (You have paid for the .com domain ?)