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    Site is not migrating.

    Have refreshed my cache and still have a redirect page. Approx. 4 days now. Getting this page: Website currently unavailable during a migration process. Please wait, flush your DNS cache, and try again. We apologize for any inconvenience. -x10Hosting
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    My site is still showing a redirect page

    Have refreshed my cache and still have a redirect page. Approx. 4 days now.
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    My Website

    Sorry, but I don't think it's very good. Needs to be more modern and I would use a head shot to be more professional. Good Luck!
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    Plz review my website!

    can only see your index bin.
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    A Teens Life

    Little bit of color and graphics can go a long way. Nice start tho.
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    Just a little side business..

    Little slow loading but nice layout and great templates.
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    site not working.

    whitesails site is not working and can't login to host account
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    Check out my website!!!!

    Quick loading and clean. Will be great when finished. Good luck!
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    check out my web site

    Fast loading but looks like a business card to me. A little color or graphics would be nice. Good luck!
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    Nice color. Loads fast. Good luck!
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    Please review my site, report experience!!!

    I see nothing wrong with it. I personally like a little more color but that`s just my opinion.
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    Review my technology website

    Good start! Never did like the full page ad popups tho. But ya gotta do watcha gotta do!
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    Simple site :D!

    yeah I like the theme also.
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    Review My website please

    I only see the domain available page
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    How does this page look?

    As a musician myself...great page!