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    Thoughts on portfolio...

    Fixed, thanks. Who knows how long that type was there for :)
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    Thoughts on portfolio...

    I made my portfolio about a year, year and a half ago and wanted thoughts on it. I just want to make sure it still seems fresh and appealing. Not a ton of content or examples of work, but I haven't had many web design jobs so, nothing I can do about that I suppose. Please leave your opinions...
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    Please review my gaming/tech forum!

    The theme is rather nice, the problem is getting users. There are a ton of gaming type websites, so getting a userbase will be rather difficult.
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    Zune Web Apps (Kinda)

    Thanks for your reply, VVBB. As for the introduction, the site is meant of more of a personal thing and I just didn't feel like the features really needed to much explaining. As for Twitter and Facebook, the zuneHD does already have apps for it so it wasn't really a pressing concern for me...
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    Zune Web Apps (Kinda)

    I made a homepage for my ZuneHD so I could access some information quickly and use some basic things the Zune has no native apps for. If anyone has a ZuneHD or just wants to give their thoughts I would appreciate it. You'll have to make an account to see everything though, sorry...
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    Basic html page for science project, enjoy:)

    It's a start :) When I was learning web design, the thing that helped me the most was taking apart the html and css of other sites to see how they achieved the layouts.
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    Computer(ish) graphics

    I was going through my computer files and found a bunch of old graphics a made that I thought I would share. Their not the greatest, but I thought they were pretty neat. Anyone can use them, though if ya do, please reply in the thread and show what you made :) I can provide the GIMP file if...
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    Review my blog please...

    Thanks, those suggestions are good ideas, I'll try to get them added when I get some free time on my hands.
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    Review my blog please...

    Okay, it has been a LONG time since I've done a web project, and I wanted some opinions on my newest blog design. A couple of things to keep in mind, it's not meant to be very serious, just a place to put some thoughts as they come to me. Also, a couple of things seem to be broken with Chrome...
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    Blog Theme Feedback

    I just finished my new blog theme after my old wordpress install was hacked :frown: Anyway, thought I would look for some feedback on it. There isn't any content on it yet, looking for opinions bases purely on the design.
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    Adobe CS5 -- anyone got any comments?

    Photoshop's new content aware filter is the most amazing thing I've seen with software...period
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    Blog Redesigned

    Its a clean, solid layout, which I like. The header text is to dark, its hard to distinguish it from the background. Also, the header itself is to empty, its boring. You could add a search bar or something if you want. Like gsonline said, some separation between articles would be nice as...
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    Whats the best way to make a wordpress theme?

    There are, but nothing can really help you like going into the code and seeing what it does. Try this series and this site
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    Some Of My Work I don't mean to be to harsh but I wouldn't call it "your" work.
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    Whats the best way to make a wordpress theme?

    A couple of weeks. What I did was, eliminate any unneeded styling from the default theme. Then slowly go through the remaining code and find what it did. I would delete sections of it to see what was effected and so forth. Basically, when it comes down to web design, I personally think...