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    Latest Updates

    thanks for the update Corey its really good to know what x10hosting been doing each day or each week.
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    New VPS Service!

    wow x10hosting finally have some even more cool this is really good timing as I plan of getting one sooner or later.
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    Preferred Support Method

    I chosen the tickets support this is because it brings me a better peace of mind at which I know someone one answer me. I tried the ticket support and was very very please with it using it. Though the support need to improve a little bit on time duration. If I remember correctly I have one...
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    More Updates!

    This is one hell of a skin for x10hosting... Good to see such a friendly forum which not always very happening on other forums. The theme is very pleasant for the eyes and it looks simple to view and click around.
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    Latest Updates

    thanks for the information about stoli being down again, I was shocked when I look at an Connection Interrupted.. on my firefox... I also cannot access to my cpanel. Hope that it will get back up asap it be cool by tml...
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    What Antivirus do you prefere??

    There's many different anti virus that I preferred to use so far Avira and Nod32 and Kaspersky are one of those I using for different computers. They are good and very light resources application which does not hinders your usage on a computer when working on some really big project which has...
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    best antivirus Norton or Mcafee

    I used to use Norton , Mcafee both are laggers and not really very reliable. I are just bloatware to me... So I go around exploring other antivirus product. I used AVG and though it was good but I was wrong.... the best shareware antvirus is nod32 and kaspersky while the best freeware...
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    Windows XP vs Windows Vista

    I still prefer windows xp more than vista due to its speed and stability and also lesser bugs than vista...
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    Your Opinion on Mini Laptops?

    hi alex, I do not think they will have a 3G at this current level of development for UMPC of the budget type... This is because there are many more UMPC product from different company like Dell, Asus, Msi for budget users. If they range it up with a 3G it will be more expensive...
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    Your Opinion on Mini Laptops?

    As time passes by so quickly, technology been going more and more advanced... Intel new processor chip called ATOM made basically for the market trends of mini - device such as laptops... Here are the specification for these laptops For MSI please go to this website...
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    Will DRM ever win?

    DRM is the worst type of method of protection I ever seen in my life, if you bought a real time streaming video that shows different drama series... when direct downloading or video or music, it happens that a drm need to check with the server and you must have your username or password in it to...
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    Turn the PC off or leave it on?

    for me I think switching on and left it for 7 days 24/7 is ok for me, but I more worried about the hardware wear off will also be at state... I think no matter how much I leave my computer on forever or shut it down... the wear and tear of the pc will never change for the better thi is because...
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    Linux vs. Mac

    Linux is good for security and development of linux application, for Mac it is friendly usage, but expensive on software, because their software already defined the installation script which allow you to install seamlessly without user intervention... Therefore... I will say Linux is much more...
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    best antivirus Norton or Mcafee

    There is no such thing as best for just the both Norton or Mcafee... you are really lacking out the others... if your question is which is is the best antivirus... you will have many answers to that.... If you say either the two of them... you will be asking for many others answer beside...
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    Windows XP vs Windows Vista

    Well if considering you guys update your windows vista to service pack 1 then I do not really see the problem to most software except drivers may be an issues as some hardware drivers are old and the new service pack 1 does not really help much in rebuilding your hardware driver properly... So...