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    Quick Design in PS

    basic design, try to work more on a certain technique and make your own style
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    Warez or no Warez?

    I think that P2P networks are ok, it's like borrowing a movie from a friend, i don't think that a copyright issue
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    2 "virginia techs" in 1 year in Finland

    These accidents are becoming a serious problem, every one who seeks revenge gets a gun and kills every body he sees.
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    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    i prefer nod32
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    is GTA IV better than san andreas

    I like the Graphics in the new GTA, the best in the series.
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    How to buy FIFA Street 2 for xbox

    I'm having a hard time too to find some old xbox games. is there a site that sells this kind of games?
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    Lotus.x10 server is down for the last hour

    Server Name Lotus.x10 Apache HTTP Offline Lotus is down and i was unable to access my site since. i guess this week has the most downtime with my new site:dunno: Edit: Now Exim is Offline
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    i like it, nice color pick