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    Changing from ubuntu-desktop to ubuntu-server

    Judging by your posts it seems like your new to Linux. I strongly recommend you either install a LAMP stack on your existing Ubuntu installation or install ubuntu-server over ubuntu-desktop. Only run the following commands if you feel comfortable working in a CLI. If you want to find out more...
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    My site

    I like the layout, but the weather channel icon looks weird. All you need now is some content.
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    my site! pc guidelk

    Your site looks really nice. I like the theme and the colors. Great articles too, I thought the keyboard computer was interesting. Keep up the good work.
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    My site

    Umm I don't think your site is showing up correctly. All I see are pictures with descriptions, and the links are broken. There's not much to review here.
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    Please review my first website

    Isn't this just the default IPBoard?
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    Amateur Site

    I wanted to make sure it would work on smaller resolutions. Though, I should have probably made that min-width. I don't understand what you mean by the header though. The header is an image; it'll be 100px no matter what. I think I'll end up having buttons you can click on to change the size...
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    Amateur Site

    Thanks guys. I'm going to change the nav's font. I'm not so sure about changing the fonts and having font-size set to small. I'll mess around with fonts though.
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    Review and Feedback

    Your site looks pretty good. Your header is a little big though; I have to scroll to see the actual content. The disclaimer on the front page isn't in line with the rest of the content. I think you should line that up.
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    Amateur Site

    Check out my site: I've done designs before but they've all been horrible. I think this one has turned out okay. I'd really like your opinion on it though. I still have to add spacing for paragraphs. Then I'll style some other tags (img, blockquote, code, etc.). I...
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    2 Body Backgrounds

    Okay I'm trying to code this: Here is the site so you can see what I have so far: Here are my files for the background: http://localhost/test/images/backgroundgrad.png AND...
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    How does this page look?

    Page looks really good. I disagree with what the others say about the gateway page. I think it's fine for certain types of sites (entertainers' sites).
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    Light Engine by AtomoS

    I wish I knew Russian. I'm learning German and know Spanish... anyway. That's a a very nice website you have. What is it about?
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    my site

    Your page is too wide. What is your site about? It seems like a bunch of links to other sites, other than your article. There's not much of a design (basically a background image), so there isn't much to critique.
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    My design website :D

    I can't scroll down the page. The footer gets cut off :(
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    Graphic Design -

    Nice design! I like the fixed one better than the fluid one. There's not much you should change. Well, maybe, your own favicon.