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  • Hi toyowheelin, i have been suspended in error,

    i am passing the information below on to you as i am having difficulties with my account my
    suspension reason code is SPND_RUSAGE3

    tonight at 9:51pm GMT my acount was suspended i was totally amazed as i have been recieving
    an intermitant service for the last two weeks and tonight only uploaded one very small php
    file then i logged into my control panel and got the following response.

    You have been suspended for high system resource usage. Accounts are suspended for usage
    when they are detected to have consistently high cpu usage, memory usage, and process
    amounts. This is an automatic suspension, and the third warning. To resolve this suspension,
    open a support ticket

    i clicked on
    Open a Support Ticket to Discuss Issue
    then got
    Open a Support Thread
    which again i clicked on only to get
    Sorry! This forum is not accepting new posts.
    i've done nothing wrong so why am i being punished and embarressed to my fan base? Thanks

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