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    Laptop/Notebook Kits

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    How much RAM do you have?

    3gb on here :D
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    website prmotion tips(1 tip per day)

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    How much is this laptop worth?

    I would just buy a new one. I have that same model, but very different specs. 250GB HDD 3GB RAM AMD Turion X2 etc.
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    Mac OS X vs Vista

    You could always try out a Linux distro. Like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, CentOS or Mandriva. Reliable, and fee :D
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    Windows Live Hotmail with POP/SMTP

    I just tried it on Thunderbird, no luck =/ EDIT: an error occured with the POP3 mail server.
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    How awesome is the new Coldplay Single Life in Technicolor II?

    It sucks, because it sounds like a lot of bands. Thats why i don't like Coldplay. They don't have a unique sound.
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    x10 Radio - Now hiring DJ's!

    I talked to Sohail yesterday, and he said that you don't get paid :P
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    x10 Radio - Now hiring DJ's!

    Do you get paid or not? I'm interested :D
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    Sites offline, not sure why

    Check here This might be because of a recent update with the servers. If it isn't fixed in a few days, submit a support ticket at
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    The Ctrl+V game

    Send a message via MSN to KillaPenguin
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    dreamweaver problem

    What OS do you have? If you have vista, right click on dreamweaver, then run as administrator. That should make it so it runs.
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    ATTENTION~ Major security flaw! MUST READ!

    Whats your source? I kinda want a link to show to my friend.
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    cPanel lagging

    Yea, its lagging can anyone help me?
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    Hit Counter.

    I need help on inserting a hit counter on Dreamweaver. I need to know how many people have gone to my site. Please help me with the script, or give me one. I don't know PHP D: