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    x10 moving wrong

    am starting this thread because recently am watching some change in staff (mainly account managers).in past any thread will be answered atl;east attempt with in 3-4 hrs of posting and start sopme query reagarding account suspensions or upgrades but now there are a lot of threads keeping...
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    JS help needed

    i am looking for a Java script marquee which can be edited from outside ".js" to administrate. i tried just a file as "footer.js" in that i wrote document.write('<marquee>this text scrolls</marquee>') next inserted this code in footer section... <script language="javascript"...
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    [OFFER] PhpBB XS mods installation

    hello i can install phpbb mods manually (Since most mods are recommended to do that manually for XStyles ).i will charge just 50 points per mod installed. see my site : Advantage beginners : just sit relax and watch new options..... advance people...
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    site down?

    hello support, please check that my site (hope Xeon server) gone down again. this happening very frequently these days please check and correct whats the problem actually is.
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    backup file currupting

    hello support, from the past 3 back up downloads (.tar.gz) i found that all full backups are corrupted. i did some diagnasis ,which results there is no fault in my FTP Utility (Filezilla) or in my Zip Utility (Izarc) or with my download manager (FDM).So i feel there is no problem from my...
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    problem with FUll backups!!

    hello support team , am having problem while taking backup. when the backup.tar.gz has downladed through ftp and unzipped, all files in that backup are corrupted. please help in getting a neat backup. thanks in advance Account
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    FTP problem

    hello suport, Username :: two4one website and also am unable to delete/change the permissions of a folder homedir/public_html/mambo/templates/solartransport can you please delete this folder and also am not connecting to FTP from past three days
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    A Help in stats needed....

    hi there , i wish to track "visiting time" of all hits getting to a "gif image" but am not understanding how to track it?.however in x10hosting cpanel "last visitors" section showing when do a file have visited , but those stats will not be for entire month. can anyone help me in this...
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    Suspended !!!! ?

    hello support , am getting contacted Corey , and got informed that some mod would suspended it , so am intrested to know ,whats the mistake from me? am giving brief info of my account Subdomain : Cp Userpanel : two4one Have ads in all pages :: yes...