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    AdSense Disabled-Invalid Activity?

    Well, you know what they say about the word assume. My account was unexpectedly shut down for a "risk of invalid activity", putting an ad on a site index where it will get clicks should not be considered invalid activity. Nothing about my site should have caused a risk of invalid activity, and...
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    AdSense Disabled-Invalid Activity?

    Well, that's what I am trying to figure out. How can I contact them about this sort of thing and actually do something to get it back? If not then it just seems like it's an easy way to advertise and get their money back.
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    AdSense Disabled-Invalid Activity?

    I got this email from Google Adsense, explaining that my account was disabled. Apparently this is probably the worst message you could receive from Google advertising and there is less than little chance of getting it recovered. The first part of the message reads: So basically this means...
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    The Ctrl+V game

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    Can't Connect to MySQL server??

    Yes I have it now. I was just double-checking to make sure it wasn't some error on my behalf or something. Looks like it was a short-lived error. Thank you.
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    Can't Connect to MySQL server??

    First off, I have this forum with free hosting. It uses MyBB forum software, for what it's worth, and this issue just started today. When anyone tries to go to the site, this error comes up: Doesn't this error simply mean that MySQL isn't running on the server itself? Can I do anything to fix...
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    Post your specs

    I am actually running my dad's system at the moment. Mine broke. It's an old Athlon x2 processor (1 GHz. dual core) with an Nvidia GeForce 6150 LE. I just added 512 MB of RAM, it only had 1 GB so now total it has 1.5 GB (it's not much but it's a little improvement). Yes, you would just have to...
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    Error 28 From Storage Engine?

    Firstly, I am on the "Lotus" server with free hosting. I keep getting an error: "MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue. Got error 28 from storage engine" This means that the disk is just full or temporarily "unwritable" doesn't it? This only happens for a minute, if...
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    Monopoly board

    Yeep, that's right. Actually I just played this with someone not too long ago.
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    404 problem

    Is it possible that you deleted or altered the public_html folder? Because when I was new to this sort of thing that's what I did and I kept getting an error. Also, did you upload all of your things OUTSIDE of the public_html directory or remove everything from it? Just listing some...
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    The Ctrl+V game

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    Do NOT attempt addon domain

    I'm sorry but..... LOL Phone support summed up. :tongue: Anyways, I noticed that you are using a domain, which is okay... But just so you know, domains are completely blacklisted by Google and other search engines, so unless you expect only direct traffic, you might want to...
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    The how to get your own domain for free .tk

    Nice. I used to use .tk and domains. They are alright. But all it takes is some penny saving (maybe advertising too) and you can easily get a pretty cheap .info or .net domain. Using a .tk is good to start out though, they always delete my things for supposed "copyright issues" though...
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    Oh yes, also, use the SSH port, not TLS port. x10's free hosting does not support TLS.

    Oh yes, also, use the SSH port, not TLS port. x10's free hosting does not support TLS.
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    Sorry I didn't reply yet. I have been away. You have to look gmail's SMTP settings up in Google...

    Sorry I didn't reply yet. I have been away. You have to look gmail's SMTP settings up in Google or something. Personally, I just made a new one with AOL, but that ends up going straight to the spam folder, so I am going to use gmail also. Here, look at this...