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    Visit My Site (

    Interesting and informative content on your website, but isn't the theme just the basic wordpress theme?
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    Want to be part of the x10 Team?

    I haven't been here in awhile, but I submitted an application last time and I'm still interested in becoming a part of the team. Do I have to fill it out again? Thanks.
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    How do you like my site?

    I really like it. It's simple and it gets the job done. However, besides the brief post on the main page, I couldn't tell that it had anything to do with Halo. Since it's just for a clan, it isn't a huge web design crime, but it could be better integrated.
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    The only true reason against eating animals is because it's destroying a life. I say true reason because not all animals are butchered using the mechanisms PETA states in their pamphlets, videos, and other propaganda. PETA likes to focus on a few specific incidents and base their entire...
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    the most popular..

    6,005,243 page views. Sorry guys, my profile is an internet hotspot. Actually, it's 465.
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    Pineapple Express?

    I'm not a fan of the movie. It was decent, but it doesn't compare to the other new comedies. I think that a lot of people enjoyed it mostly because of the culture it associated itself with, whether or not any of the viewers were even a part of it. Watching it was "cool." On a more positive...
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    500 credits answer a couple of easy questions

    I'm assuming that they designed everything themselves or had it custom-made by some one. Depending on how many users are active at the site, I would participate in the discussions. I understand that all websites must start out rather small, but if it's advertised well, it would probably flourish.
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    Site at new location.... need more content!

    Quite frankly, if you've only been designing for a few weeks, then starting your own business isn't the best of choices.. especially with prices like that. The design isn't as eye-catching as competitors, but it's crisp and clean. Easy to navigate through, too.
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    Name of tutorial site
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    New artwork/t-shirt design?

    It's cool, but that'd be really expensive for a t-shirt design. It has infinite colors.
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    Best of luck to you with this. However, Maya is only $400 for students..
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    Isn't there already a site called filetube? The layout is very crisp and professional - I like it. However, a better logo would make everything work. =]
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    get free domains...... .com .org

    The rules state that you MUST include a non-referral link in addition to your referral link. Fooling others for your personal gain seems rather selfish. =/
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    Public Advert

    Pretty good. Although you mention the "7,000+ arcade games" part twice in the ad.
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    New GP Event Headers

    If you designed the backgrounds for all of those, then they're wonderful. If you didn't then they're good, but would be much better if they had been your designs.