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    Account Portal

    I second the link to the forums from the account portal/cpanel Cheers
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    No plan renewal linke

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    Why the domain change?

    Hi, Thanks Sierra, much appreciated :) Good Luck ;)
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    Why the domain change?

    Hi, Without intending to be rude, what are these "unforeseen circumstances" that are causing the domain change away from Currently everything appears to be working fine with so, I'm guessing, its probably not a service technicality issue. I have quite a lot of...
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    The Ctrl+V game

    void breakToMsgUnit(char * searchStr, char ** results, char * delimiter) { int loop = 0; *results = strtok(searchStr, delimiter); while (*results != NULL) { results++; *results = strtok(NULL, delimiter); } }
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    FTP shows empty /www/ and subdomain not workking

    Hi Lately if I try to log via FTP, from my own PC or via online FTP client, my root directory is shown as being completely empty. CPanel file manager shows it with all the normal files, and my website is working OK, but it means I cant get at things like .htaccess files. Also I setup a...
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    certificate out of date...?

    Hi A heads up: On clicking the link for the account portal on chrome browser shows me a big warning page before allowing me to continue onto the login page. The warning informs that the certificate served is out of date...
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    Login button?

    Wow, havent logged in in a while, like litespeed so far, very minimalist. One small niggle, is the change to the login button on the front page of x10, had me confused for a full minute, it says something like "account portal" instead of its previous "login", obviously Im not entirely...
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    As I'm not american and not much in to US interior politics I can only comment on what I know through media etc, as such I haven't voted in the poll. However... I would say that Kinley3 raises one or two valid points in his earlier posts about gimmicks and such, however pinning America's wars to...
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    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    Avast all the way! its better than Norton even the free version, not a resource hog better than McAfee pro for startup times, better than many of the others for install and uninstall and also on virus detection AND removal have never used Nod32 or kapersky, though kapersky has been...
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    whoops, suspended for inactivity

    Many thanks Carl, much appreciated And also I take the chance to thank you and all x10 admins for the free service here. Despite some small gripes that are expected in web design, x10 is one of, if not, the best free hosting package I've used.
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    whoops, suspended for inactivity

    Hi there folks I have been suspended for inactivity and submitted a ticket for un-suspension yesterday (#: XSMNRNJ3CPXT) but nothing has happened... do you know how long do un-suspensions normally take? Thanks EDIT: my bad didnt notice the suspended accs subforum, if someone could move this...
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    More Updates

    Much thanks and kudos to the folks here at x10 for taking care of the free service offered, it is a great advert for your paid services, that a lot of other free hosting services dont seem to be willing to fully utilize. Kudos :)
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    Calling all users on the "Starka" server

    Only a small page site, but it does load slightly faster CPanel much faster, havent tried much else out yet but much thanks, its not often hosters care about response for free accounts, props.
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    Why do people hate people for their religions?

    On a side note, can I ask about the communist thing? I dont mean to cause offense or sound stupid, but not living in US maybe Im missing something. What I understand about communism in this context is that its an idea to reduce inequalities by forcing the sharing of resources... actually a...