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    Cpanel and account issue

    Hi there i was just woundering if now that the Adfree servers been copyed over if my account is there or exactly what may be going on with my account as i can login VIA the x10hosting home page but thats about it.I ordered a Domain name and there telling me if i dont trafers it out soon there...
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    Hex Doll software

    Hi there i have an account on x10 here and i was just woundering since all the server status seem to be at least up if there is a problem with my account directly since it has probaly not been used in a few weeks due to my vaction. Do i need ot renew my account or is just a problem with the...
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    Hi there im Xain Faith. Abit about me. I am a novice software engineer i have spent well pritty much the majority of my so far short life programing. Some of the languages i know are Php, C++, Html...Others iv dabled in are Javasript, DHTML, QBasic, Basic. I am a 21 year old Male from Canada...