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    Cossacks Down ?

    Cossacks images don't work Hey, I'm on cossacks but all images aint working and more neither. whenever i go to the exact url of the image i get: the connection has been reinitialized. Regards, Xeross
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    Parked Domain Document Root

    Nvr Mind Delete
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    X10Hosting NameServers

    yeah i already did that.
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    CLASS or ID?

    i use id's for javascript and classes for css, and if u study css a little using id's or classes doesnt really make a differnce in size of the file and stuff
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    X10Hosting NameServers

    Ok thx, and this will automatically point subdomains etc to the x10hosting servers ?
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    x10 packages

    i think Will give you an overview of what's enabled, also if some feature is not working you can request a less strict php configuration that enables some more features of php
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    MySQL not working

    Lemme see if i can help opening fantastico now... This is weird that error is in fantastico not in any installation it seems this should be something for the x10hosting crew, because fantastico automatically creates a database when you install something i installed smf and it sais So it must...
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    X10Hosting NameServers

    Hey, i was wondering if it was possible to use the nameservers of x10hosting for my website it is now using some external nameserver host but it would be a lot easier if it would be hosted here so i can manage it through cpanel. So is this possible ? thanks for your time, Xeross
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    Review My Website

    Ok so i tried to resize it but it just makes the text too small so i'll keep it this way
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    Review My Website

    It will lengthen automatically, and i'm at school now and see that the logo is huge think i'm going to shrink it down a little this week
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    Review My Website

    When i find the time for it i will write the news system for it, and as soon as i completed some websites for a few people i can fill up the portfolio page.
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    Chain Reaction

    page file
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    game: kill the above user

    Revives Hermitobserver and Freezes him in Liquid nitrogen and then smashes him into pieces with a hammer
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    Review My Website

    Your probably right, my monitor is at a very high resolution so it looks good, my school has small monitors ill look at it there
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    How to place a div over another div using css??

    Try making the Z-Index of the one that should be in front higher then the one in the back