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  • The system is built in a way that 1 forum account can only be linked to 1 hosting account at a time, and vice-versa.
    1st thread: forum username "xalvinx", cpanel username "xalvinx"
    2nd thread: forum username "shalvin", cpanel username "shalvin"
    Both the forum username and the cPanel username are different. That is why I escalated both, and the user probably wants to delete both (I suspect it's the same person) since you are allowed to only 1 free account.
    I apologize for my rude behavior the other day. I didn't mean to antagonize you. I'm not the best at nettiquette, and I find myself rereading what I write and kick myself for failing. I'm sorry. After rereading the forum rules, I can see where I apparently broke them in that situation.

    edit after the response: Thank you. I agree that these forums are usually fun, and I also enjoy helping people, too.
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