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Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by vali_bmv9376, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. vali_bmv9376

    vali_bmv9376 New Member

    This is the best free hosting i ever found...Awesome. Keep up...
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  2. newjazz

    newjazz New Member

    yes, I agree. Go X10hosting!:wink:
  3. sangmachao358

    sangmachao358 New Member

    I knew about through . I really like Cpanel interface and services here:biggrin:
  4. pertemanannetwork64

    pertemanannetwork64 New Member

    Are you sure? How to get account on X10hosting? I am newbie.
  5. carl6969

    carl6969 Community Support Team Community Support

    Simply go HERE
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  6. pertemanannetwork64

    pertemanannetwork64 New Member

  7. Anna

    Anna I am just me Staff Member

    click the view & Resolve Problems link. Do as instructed, or let us know what it says on the page you get, we're probably not going to be able to help you with the next step without knowing why there's an error.
  8. jthiatt71

    jthiatt71 New Member

    I'm happier with this free hosting than I am with For some reason my godaddy site is slow, I think it has something to do with the server on which the databases are stored. No such problem with x10! Keep it up guys, I'll be upgrading to a paid account when my godaddy account runs out.
  9. Humza

    Humza New Member

    I like x10Hosting too!
  10. vshankaa

    vshankaa New Member

    The best thing about x10 is that it lets you upload your site through FTP! I really don't use cPanel :D
  11. 2bath5043

    2bath5043 New Member

    This range is not so much work into.

    And I think for a Free Host 10 x better then last one.
  12. xporphyriax47

    xporphyriax47 New Member

    yeah... x10hosting is the best in the globe
  13. Napas

    Napas New Member

    I totally agree with that , the hosting speed is really good , it never goes down and lots of more good stuff !!!! Well i love x10Hosting !
  14. tomasone39

    tomasone39 New Member

  15. joennsa13

    joennsa13 New Member

    agree too, but some problems :([off] I have problems with MyBB, it always internal problems[/off]
  16. mathiasdumortier71

    mathiasdumortier71 New Member

    x10hosting the best!!!
  17. olga21tag99

    olga21tag99 New Member

    Excellent hosting!!!
  18. fairies2u

    fairies2u New Member

    I like it very much! Thanks for provide this free hosting services!
  19. ihub16865

    ihub16865 New Member

    To make this wonderful and great service last longer, I suggest that we can put one link back to this website at our homepage
  20. vanlong8775

    vanlong8775 New Member is No.1. Best free hosting!:rolleyes:

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