Cryptocurrency ICO?

John Klyne

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Hey everyone,

Its been a while since I have logged back in but here I am.

I have high hopes for cryptocurrencies and I actually wanted to offer an ICO for my debt collection practice.

I have over 40 employees that work for me in the Accounts Receivables Management Industry. I see that there are ICO's and cryptocurrencies all over the place with a lot of money being put into the system.

In fact, even with the recent drop, DOW Jones is more dangerous than Cryptocurrency Black Monday Fire Sales.

I wanted to offer a coin on the Ethereum blockchain written in Solidity.

I would offer 10,000,000 tokens. A certain amount to be distributed to development needs, company owners/upper management/investors/employee bonuses.

All funds gathered to go to the development of necessary online site scripts needed for...

1. Voting rights on certain issues and 2. A dividend system in place for stake holders.

The remaining funds for an increase in employee size/pointcallers/collectors, but most importantly in prime Consumer/Commercial Debt Portfolios purchased.

The individuals holding the coin would receive dividends from the profits generated from the Debt Portfolios purchased by the funds.

Real reason I'm here is that I don't have a development community whatsoever to even ask questions to (aside from but with no posts there, I would just be a random username.

So here I am. Any thoughts, in fact, anyone know Solidity or C++/Java for the development aspect? Can freely discuss.

Thanks for your time.
John Klyne