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  1. hpclassi78639

    hpclassi78639 New Member

    Free Advertising Forum
    Click Here

    [Edited: Link removed - after multiple attempts the site appears to just redirect to other placeholder sites, not a forum as advertised]
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  2. mjaoune5571

    mjaoune5571 New Member

    My Avira detected a malware
  3. cybrax

    cybrax Community Advocate Community Support

    Oh joy another cheesy random spam portal.
    Click at your own peril, there is no telling where
    it will dump you out on the web.
  4. erhalo

    erhalo New Member

    it is infected
  5. svcadm

    svcadm New Member

    Suspicious... :frown:
  6. walidno1

    walidno1 New Member

    delete this plz.....

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