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Okay so here is my site and what I need help with is the menu. I want to make it more like the background, but don't know how or what exactly it should look like. And any other observations you have, please let me know. There is not to much content, just because I don't have much to put, and because I made this site to practice. Thanks in advance!!


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First of all I saw this in your default.css:



I don't understand why did you set the width to 1067px? Many people still use 1024x768 resolution and believe me they don't like horizontal scrollbars. It’s better to leave it unset.

Generally I don't like your background image but I understand that you made this site to practice and I suppose it doesn't matter.

As for the menu try putting it to the left. People are use to it being on the left. As for the style, when you have a colorful background the best thing you can do with the menu is making it flat and semi-transparent. Your background is dark and therefore your menu has to be light. Why am I writing this when I have the picture describing everything?

Consider adding some transparent background behind your text like it's on the sample picture I posted. That way the text will be more readable.

As for the logo here is one tip. BEVELS ARE SO NOT COOL! Please lose the bevels and do some Web 2.0 style with fancy gradients and reflection. You can find a lot of free generators out there (just google it) for example try this one http://creatr.cc/creatr/ And again move it to the left.

If you have any more questions I'm here to help.
PM me your email so I can send you the code and images.

Or you can see this.

It's realy easy to make and it looks great.
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