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I think most of you has seen there crops up an issue with disk space running out from time to time, while one of the largest causes for that is users deciding to abuse the service given and use the space for storing their own personal files, often also in violation of copyright laws, there is one other thing that really can cause an issue, and that is neglecting the account once the site is up and running.

Why do I say that?
It's actually rather simple, on a few occasions recently I, and other staff members, has found that something that can take up huge space is error logs. We have actually seen them come in double digit sizes, meaning over 10 gb in size. While we offer unmetered space to all of you, there's obviously a physical limit on the servers which under normal conditions is more then enough. But I think you all can imagine that if a large portion of the users on a server end up with 10gb error logs, that can quickly become a problem. Luckily an error log that large is rare, but they do infact tend to grow large over time if left unsupervised.

What can you do?
Please, once in a while take a look at your files, see if there is an error_log among your files (usually located directly in the domain root). If there is one that would indicate some part of your site doesn't work properly, the error log would give you a hint of what part that is and clues to how to sort it out. Commonly it is an outdated plugin/addon/extension that no longer works properly with the main cms/forum/blog script being updated.
Once you checked it and done your best to rectify the issue, please delete the error_log before it starts taking up space in the range of gigabytes :)
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